Kandi’s New Boyfriend Rumored To Be Deadbeat Dad

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 12:00 am.

Kandi Burress’ new boyfriend, Baltimore Ravens star Willis McGahee, has been the subject of various rumors since it was reported that he would be joining the singer and reality star on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In short, Media Take Out basically tried to say he was living with his baby mama. However, another blog has reported that it’s received two emails from people saying the site got it’s info wrong.

They say he’s a deadbeat dad.

Here’s one of the emails sent to The Jasmine Brand:

“I read your blog that referenced Ravens player, Willis McGahee, and I just wanted 2 tell u anonymously that Willis has 7 kids, as well as 7 baby mamas. That’s what “a lot of kids is”. He’s flying to Atlanta and won’t come see his own children. He is the true definition of a dead beat father. Media Take Out has their story wrong. He does have a 5 week old baby, but he doesn’t live with that child’s mother. Willis also has a young daughter with his baby mama, Tiffany, that happens to be a lesbian.  While he played for the Buffalo Bills, he also had another daughter.”

As it turns out, in 2008 he was subject to three separate paternity suits:

Jan. 7–Father knows best? A third paternity suit was filed against Willis McGahee, 25, Buffalo Bills running back and former University of Miami Hurricane. Keisha Walls, 27, an elementary school teacher, says McGahee is the father of son Kai Walls, born April 19, 2006.

Chiniqua Smith, 26, also a teacher, says McGahee is the father of Willis McGahee IV, born Jan. 6, 2006. Dorothy Doretha McNeil, 29, sued McGahee in 2005, saying he fathered daughter Bria McGahee, born Jan. 17 of that year. In the cases of Smith and McNeil, McGahee has been declared the biological father and is paying support. “He’s an honorable person,” says McGahee’s attorney, Howard Rudolph.

Oh, Kandi. Good luck with that one.


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