How Many Times Should We Forgive Chris Brown for His Outbursts?

Published by Dior Noir on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 2:25 pm.

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Someone please put a muzzle on Chris Brown! As a fan or his art, I want to get past his personal character mishaps, believe his “I’m sorrys” and give him the benefit of the doubt that everyone makes mistakes….and get on to recognizing him for his music and dance (because, hate him or love him he’s still got it!) but he makes it hard.

The latest: Chris was overheard shouting anti-gay slurs during a recent pickup basketball game at 24 Hour Fitness center in Los Angeles. Chris reportedly repulsed onlookers when a casual pickup game turned competitive. “He got really ticked off when things didn’t go his way saying, ‘That’s gay!’ and ‘You’re a fa–ot a–!’ to the other players,” an eyewitness told Star.

This wouldn’t be the first time Chris has been caught making homophobic comments. Last December, he Tweeted an apology after calling Raz-B a “Di—in da booty a– lil boy” (among other ridiculous things) when the ex-B2K member provoked him and made comments about him disrespecting women. The offending Tweets were taken down and he was apologetic, of course, after the fact.

In June, Brown sparked outrage when he shouted at a group of cameramen who he suspected had alerted a parking attendant to his illegally parked car. According to TMZ, Brown raged: “Y’all ni–as is weak. Did you all call them to try and film me? Y’all ni–as is gay.” Afterward he apologized again, and Tweeted, “I have total respect for Gay community and my intention was not to insult anyone in it. #REALS—T.” But does he?

Yes, everyone makes mistakes and everyone’s a work in progress and it’s clear that Chris Brown is still working through some of his anger issues. But you just can’t be surprised or play victim when people call you out.

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Shaunte Myers Said on

This is getting to crazy.. That man can say whatever he wants to.. This is a free country and Chrs Brown is human just like everyone else. When you are mad you say things you don’t mean. We all do that. Chris Brown is so talented he could do and say what he feels.. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! Haters are every where and it’s not a good look!!! I love you Chris Brown and so do my 8 year old daughter A’shaunte’ Richmond… Keep doing you and bringing the” bomb music”..( in my daughters voice)… DUECES (In my Chris Browns voice)

angel Said on

What happened to this place? I thought this was America? The land of FREE SPEECH? Why is it, people have to stop… drop to their knees… and beg forgiveness for practicing something that is THEIR RIGHT to practice? Everybody’s so touchy about terms directed at homosexuals all of a sudden! Come on. Everybody on this planet says something that would offend someone at SOME POINT! Get over it. Let this man live his life. Because, in all actuality, nobody walking this earth is perfect enough to forgive ANYBODY! We’re all flawed. We ALL make mistakes. So who are WE to forgive him in the first place? That’s between him and his God – and, last time I checked, I wasn’t THAT! (mirrors, people… MIRRORS!!)

Tom in the Great NW Said on

This guy is definitely a wooden-head – who else would physically clobber a star like Rihanna?
Rap de-sensitizes, deadens the soul, kills love, and just plain KILLS!

angel Said on

And, who is this saying Chris Brown is a RAPPER?? He’s a SINGER! lol Being a black man on a stage with a ~@? in your hand, doesn’t make you a rapper people!!

In the No Said on

Remember who is buying rap – sales records show that it is 11-17 year old WHITE BOYS….Who else would waste their dough on Brown or any of the other dead souls that produce this………………nothingness!

Ms B Said on

If we take the “spotlight” off of Chris for a minute and realize that his comments are just remarks from a young guy who blurts urban slurs when they get upset, threatened, or challenged. “That’s gay”, simply means, that’s lame, petty, or weak. I have heard this numerous times from younger males and females, especially during basketball games, but the person’s intentions are not to accused the other person of being “gay” or “lesbian”.If a person just says the word gay they should not be prosecuted for it. I am black, but if a random person were to say ?*?$$, perhaps in a song, I will not be offended. But if they demean me witn it, then I would. It’s all about how you use words, and I honestly think we should take that into context before crucifying him.

Mack Said on

Whether you like it or not, SCRUTINY is the price one pays for fame and fortune. He has influence over thousands of young fans who idolize him and follow his every public move…right or wrong…it’s just a fact. Character and respect are traits he needs to show whenever he is exposed to people who look up to him. It’s not fair, but it’s reality. When he is ready to promote an album or an upcoming tour, he will be mugging for the same cameras that he doesnt want around when he decides to use anti gay slurs. You cant have it BOTH WAYS! Dont like it? Blame our culture, not the media.

chris Said on

Thanks to FB and the ability to see how young people communicate, I have discovered that my young family members use the same language you describe here, to one another. I was shocked and appalled; however, I learned to accept that their use of these words was not meant to harm or degrade each other. It is another example of having a totally different meaning behind the words they use i.e. swag or swagger. Young people deserve the right to grow up and learn life lessons just as we not-so-young folks were able to do. I would like for the reporters to do some honest reporting and be sure that the news they report is in fact news. The unfortunate physical abuse was news…his outburst during a game – not news!

Camille Said on

I’m really starting to get a little irritated over the fact that everytime someone says a supposedly “gay slur” or even “racial slur”, its this big comotion about how bad the person is and they are just this evil person and blah, blah, blah. Someone reported Chrs Brown saying fag$%t on a basketball court and that now means he has a problem with gay people and he just had this all out angry outburst. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard something offensive on the basketball court. You here it all the time with men sometimes challenging other men on their manhood. Do I think Chris Brown has anger issues, yeah probably. But do I think he was just playing a game and “went there” like other guys do sometimes….of course. Thats just like with the Tracey Morgan so called “rant”! He is a comic who was doing a stand-up…..I really don’t see the big deal. I’ve heard plenty other comics say supposedly offensive things but it was a joke. I don’t really think they feel that way. In a minute you will not be able to say ANYTHING, do anything. Its going too far.

franzey Said on

examine yurself b4 yu check for someone else smh! and i agree with Ms B

Chuck Said on

why are people so concerned with what he does, he is a human being.

cocoa Said on

I donot think Rodney King or O.J. Simpson is a disgrace to the black community. It depend on how you interpret the two incidents concerning the two individuals. For Chris Brown whether we forgive him or not God will. Maybe Chris Brown need some counseling or he need the Holy Ghost to give him some self-control.

Ashley Redd Said on

Blonde Hair??? Hmm seems “gay” to me…

Teela Said on

Ok…….so many men and women everyday get upset or dislike something and say the same phrases, but the minute that a celebrity decides to use a most common phrase which is heard daily somewhere in America without the intent of harm to the Gay community, the media tries to utilize it to make something an issue thats truly not an issue. Leave Chris alone………I hear so many men speak that way and they are not even thinking of gay bashing it’s just phrases that are used and common

Dudu Doré Said on

Its mesmerizing wid such a pop star, wat he said z sooo freaky, rot self-agandized manner! Dats not a way nt even d richest wud uze.. He gatta be rehabilitated, change cz we’d rily luv 2 be fanz 2 some 1 exemplary, if he z, then we gonna luv him mo bt this jus teks words from ma mouth, shockin, mesmerizing.. Oh ma God!!!!!!

Ebo Said on

Chris Brown is just doing him. So I would really appreciate if yall fagots would just leave him alone… And yes I said “FAGOTS”; so what yall gonna write an article about me now?… This dude can say whatever he wants; get off his nuts. Keep doing yo thang Chris Breezy; Yo true fans is gonna back you up till the end. EBO

diva... Said on

Mack… you right about somthings but wrong about one lets raise these kids not to be followers always be leaders chris brown is a grown man and he can be grown if media will fall back everytime he say something or everytime they need a story line lets just focus on his music not his bi…….really tho

ann Said on

Too sensitive!! C’mon can a person breath anymore!!! Smh!!

JOCURI Said on

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Yo Said on

Chris Brown deserves no more chances. He’s through.