Lindsay Lohan Handcuffed and Sent to the Slammer!

Published by on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 3:07 pm.

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No, this isn’t a Hollywood movie — it’s Lindsay Lohan’s messy life!  The former teen dream and Mean Girls star got the book thrown at her for breaking her probation for the millionth time.  Like an episode of Cops,  Lohan was handcuffed and sent to the slammer as cameras rolled.  Judge Stephanie Sautner set a hearing for November 2 and set the bail at $100,000.  Almost immediately, Lohan posted bail and she is now free.

A little back story: Lohan was order to do community service at the Downtown Women’s Center, but she was a no-show nine times.  The Downtown Women’s Center gave her the boot and the probation department transferred her to the Red Cross.

Judge Sautner gave a hot lash to the probation department for giving Lohan a “good review” and changing her sentence without her consent: “No one has the power to change my sentence,” Sautner said, channeling Judge Judy. “Not the volunteer center and not probation. She is not getting credit for any time at the American Red Cross.”

For a lil’ more drama, Judge Sautner ordered the actress to work 16 hours at the Los Angeles County morgue, which she has to complete before her next appearance in court on November 2..  That is a harsh punishment for Lindsay — it might cause her to relive the box office bomb of a movie I Know Who Killed Me.

Lindsay could serve up to a year-and-a-half in jail.

Check out the TMZ video below of Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, asking for her not to be cuffed in open court.

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