Oprah Apologizes For Grammy Night Tweets Trying to Lure Viewers to OWN

Published by Dior Noir on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 9:15 am.

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Oprah has issued a public apology for sending a controversial Tweet on Grammy night. The Queen of Daytime TV tried to wrangle some of her nine million Twitter followers who might be tuning into the Grammy Awards and get them over to her OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) cable channel instead.

“Every 1 who can please tune into OWN especially if  you have a Neilsen box,” Oprah Tweeted just after 9pm when both the music awards show and her interview show Oprah’s Next Chapter were to begin.

The Tweet caused followers to call her “desperate” and even “unethical” for “begging” for viewers and she quickly shot back, “the word ‘please’ is used as courtesy not a beg” and reminded another follower “’desperate’ not ever a part of my vocab.” But besides setting off the Twitterverse, the call for viewers landed Oprah in hot water with Nielsen who prohibits its clients from soliciting viewers that are a part of the Neilsen system in an attempt to change viewer habits or boost ratings as ratings play a large role in how much a network can charge advertisers.

Oprah apologized for her Tweet and said she deleted the message “at the request of Nielsen.” She added “I intended no harm and apologize for the reference.” The company is taking the violation seriously and is still looking into it.

Ironically, Oprah watched the Grammys instead of her show herself, telling followers she was in  a Georgia hotel that didn’t carry her channel. During the show she championed Adele for her six-Grammy win: “Adele! Adele! This is her Year! YAAAY!” The episode she wanted everyone to catch on OWN? An interview she did with a Hasidic Jewish family, who had never even watched TV before.

OWN will air a two-hour special, in honor of Whitney Houston.

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