NFL Player Antonio Cromartie’s Eight Baby Mamas Want to Band Together for New Reality Show

Published by Natasha Fierce on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 10:30 am.

(Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Antonio Cromartie’s got 99 problems…and almost as many kids. The New York Jets cornerback just welcomed his tenth child by his eighth baby mama, wife Terricka. This might be cause for celebration if he weren’t simultaneously hit with the news that his exes are joining forces for a proposed reality show about their “modern family.”

From the New York Post:

The baby mamas he left behind have banded together so their kids can bond with their brothers and sisters in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jersey. The single women can use the extra money to help raise their kids, but they also think it’s important “to document their journey,” a source said.

“We’re not catty women. We have a close, tight-knit friendship and understand what each other’s going through. We reach out to share news about the kids, to talk, to vent,” one of the exes says. As for Cromartie, she said, “we co-exist for the sake of my son.”

And it sounds like the women have plenty to say, from accusations by one ex that Cromartie hasn’t paid child support, to another who reveals that he bailed on her one week before their wedding. It’s no wonder he’s trying to kill this potentially awesome show before it picks up any speed.

Maybe now that he’s one child short of his own football squad (or, if he prefers, two basketball teams), it’s time for Cro to crack the fatherhood playbook. The double-digit dad famously fumbled the names of his kids on an episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks in 2010, even forgetting one of his offspring altogether.

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