VH1 Wants to Make It Rain on Coco Austin

Published by Natasha Fierce on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 10:00 am.

Hurricane Sandy may have destroyed much of the eastern seaboard, but it has yielded a pretty exciting job offer for Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin. The buxom blonde, who made a now-infamous video of herself out in the storm (twins drenched and tank top clinging), could be the new weather girl for VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live.

Host Carrie Keagan explains “Coco put herself outside during the height of hurricane Sandy, to weather the storm so the rest of us didn’t have to and looked darn good doing it. That kind of dedication and charisma is what our show is all about. I would love to have Coco join my team.”

Buzz executive producer Shane Farley added, “after seeing her deliver a weather update during Hurricane Sandy, we knew she would be the perfect person to report the weather on our show.”

With any luck, Coco (who is set to take over for former Playmate Holly Madison in her Las Vegas burlesque show) will soon bring her ray of sunshine to our morning routine. Stay tuned to see if Coco accepts the offer.

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