Evelyn Lozada Takes Michigan Teen to Prom

Published by on Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 2:15 pm.

(Photo: Maury Phillips/WireImage)

Once word gets out about the latest exploits of Evelyn Lozada, popular opinion should agree that when it comes to personality, heart and the “aww factor” the Basketball Wives star is a million miles ahead of  her ex-hubby Chad Johnson.

A few months ago, Lozada received a note from a high school senior, named Anthony from Bloomfield Michigan via Twitter. The teenager wanted the VH1 star to be his date for his prom. Lozada then made the star-struck youth’s ultimate dream come true; not only did she say yes to his request, but also provided lots of A-list extras for the evening. In addition to paying for her own airline ticket from Los Angeles, Lozada provided transportation for she and Anthony in a tricked out Denali, and then she splurged on a very fancy dinner for the both of them. Anthony reciprocated by buying Evelyn a corsage.

Lozada thought it would be a fun experience to attend the prom with Anthony, because she missed her own back in the day due to being pregnant. But the reality star more than made up for lost time, it was reported that Evelyn never left the dance floor all night.

Say it all together now, “Aww…”

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