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Paula Patton Visits Today Show and Twerks with Al Roker

Published by on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: NBC)

Miley Cyrus lit up the media following her twerking debacle on Robin Thicke. Now Thicke’s wife Paula Patton has made waves on early morning TV after whipping her twerk routine on famed weatherman Al Roker.

Doing a segment on the Today show on Wednesday, Paula Patton talked about her upcoming romantic comedy Baggage Claim before the subject quickly moved onto what folks really wanted to chat about: Miley’s now-infamous twerking at the VMA’s with Patton’s hubby.

After admitting that Cyrus twerks better than she does Patton confessed that “I do it well enough.” To which Al Roker suggested they twerk together. After some nervous laughter, Patton accepted his offer. The results are below. Let us know who twerked it better. Paula or Miley?

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