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Bobby Brown Depressed By Estranged Relationship With Bobbi Kristina

Published by on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photos from left: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images,Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Friends close to Bobby Brown claim the singer says his relapse with alcohol can be traced back to one thing: his estranged relationship with daughter Bobbi Kristina.

Since losing contact with his 19-year-old daughter after the death of her mother Whitney Houston in February, Brown, 43, has been snagged twice for DUI and has checked himself into rehab for alcoholism. reports that the “Don’t Be Cruel” singer has confided to family and friends that not having contact with his daughter has left him “depressed and empty.”

Feeling like a failure as a father, Brown reportedly says he is afraid his youngest child will grow up thinking he is a bad dad.

Well, considering that Bobbi Kristina is rumored to be dealing with her own personal hurdles, it would behoove Bobby to step away from the drink not only for himself but so he could be prepared to fight like hell and be a presence in his daughter’s life, no matter how much she avoids him. It’s the least he could do as a dad.

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Jermaine Jackson Claims He Had Affair with Whitney Houston

Published by Natasha Fierce on Monday, March 5, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photos from left: REUTERS/China Photos, Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Picture it: 1984. A vibrant young pop star starts a secret affair with the married brother of music’s greatest icon. Though their love is under wraps, pop star spills her guts in song, and the track becomes her biggest hit to date. The affair ends, the pop star marries someone else, her life ends in tragedy and the secret goes with her to the grave…well, almost.

It sounds like a stretch, but newspaper The Sun is claiming that our pop star–Whitney Houston–was, in fact, saving all her love for none other than Jermaine Jackson.

The newspaper claims Whitney even cast a Jermaine look-a-like in her video for “Saving All My Love for You,” now said to be inspired from her romance with MJ’s bro, and hoped he would leave his wife for her.

Obviously, that never happened and Whitney married Bobby Brown. Evidently, Whitney and Jermaine never lost touch after the affair and that, folks, is why JJ was so torn up over Whitney’s death, so much so that he couldn’t bring himself to attend her funeral.

Just the idea of Whitney and Jermaine together makes us wonder…what if?

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Bobby Brown’s Dishes Dance Advice for Fat Dudes

Published by on Friday, December 16, 2011 at 5:40 pm.

(Photo: Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

“Just two-step it, man. Keep it simple. Real simple”

That’s the advice the self-proclaimed “King of R&B,” Bobby Brown, gave to a heavy-set reporter for TMZ who wanted to know how he, too, could look as good on the dance floor as Brown did on stage in his late ‘80s hey day.

“But I wanna bust the Bobby Brown ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ or the ‘every little step I take’ [moves]” prodded the reporter. “That’s what I wanna do.”

“Go for it,” responded Brown. “…Just don’t be shy.”

Whether the reporter applied Brown’s words of dancing wisdom, we’ll never know… But we are still waiting for that Bobby comeback.

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Bobby Brown Rep Denies Tabloid Stories About Bobbi Kristina

Published by Runteldat on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 11:50 am.

The National Enquirer reported that Bobbi Kristina Brown was a wild child unleashing havoc on all those around her.  They also said that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were coming together to stage an intervention for their 17-year-old daughter.

The story seemed skeptical, but photos of Bobbi Kristina drinking and making out with her friends prompted speculation about the teenager’s behavior.

A rep for Bobby Brown told E! News: “There is no truth to the reports about Bobby and Whitney staging an intervention with their daughter.”

Shouldn’t the tabloids lay off a teenager?


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Bobby Brown Settles Child Support Dispute

Published by Runteldat on Monday, June 28, 2010 at 11:50 am.

Bobby Brown’s decade-long legal battle with his ex-girlfriend over child support payments seems to have finally ended.

The former lead singer of New Edition, R&B superstar, and Nippy’s best hype man has notoriously been jailed on several occasions for failing to make payments to Kim Ward, the baby mama, over support of their two children, LaPrincia, 20, and Bobby, Jr., 19.

Back in April, Bobby filed paperwork to ask that his required $5,500 a month payments be lowered because he had no job and couldn’t keep up with the payments.

According to the Boston Herald, Bobby’s legal team has reached an agreement with Ward over how much he will contribute to his children’s college education.

Norfolk Register of Probate Patrick McDermott told the paper: “The big issue was college expenses and how to handle those going forward. But it was quick and uneventful, and they seem to have wrapped up all the outstanding matters.”

First, he confirms he’s not dead and now he’s settling up on old debts. Someone is having the best year ever. I’m glad, though. I’d hate to have to start another hunger strike in order to free the Kang.


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Bobby Brown Gets Engaged

Published by Runteldat on Monday, May 10, 2010 at 12:00 am.


Now that he’s settled rumors that he’s not dead, Bobby Brown will now have to answer whether or not he’s truly engaged to his girlfriend, Alicia Etheridge.

The couple – who have a child together – are reportedly engaged.

People shares the story of Bobby’s on stage proposal:

For concertgoers at Metro Park in Jacksonville, Fla., on Friday, the hottest ticket at the annual Funk Fest wasn’t the performance by ’90s girl group SWV or the line for fruity refreshments as temperatures climbed into the 90s. It was watching singer Bobby Brown propose to his girlfriend of nearly three years, manager Alicia Etheridge.

Etheridge joined Brown on stage, holding their 11-month-old son Cassius, he got down on one knee and presented her with a ring. The crowd roared its approval as a beaming Etheridge kissed Brown, who remained kneeling.

Brown recently appeared with Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant on The Mo’Nique Show. During his appearance, he spoke quite fondly of his girlfriend.


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Bobby Brown Needs Discount on Child Support

Published by Runteldat on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 11:50 am.


Bobby Brown has a history of having trouble with paying child support. Fortunately, he had the bank of Whitney Houston to help cover whatever amount he didn’t have. But now that those two are divorced the Kang’s having a bit of a problem keeping up.

So, Bobby’s asked a judge to reduce the amount he has to pay per month.

Via the Boston Herald:

Brown, who has been paying $5,500 a month to support his two kids LaPrincia, 20, and Bobby Jr., 19, of Stoughton says he’s lost his job, has no source of income and can no longer afford to make the court-ordered payments to the kids’ mom, Kim Ward .

Maybe Bobby should have thought of that before he ate all those greasy fried dinners during his “Fit Club” regime. Because he was fined $1,000 a pound for coming in 9 pounds short of his goal!

Norfolk Register of Probate Patrick McDermott said Brown applied for a modification of his child-support payments months ago and Judge Christina Harms just put the matter on her calendar for a one-day trial.

“It’s for the judge to decide,” McDermott said. “But he has to prove he has had a material change in his circumstances in order to get his support payments modified.”

Did you all feel the shade in this? You would think the writer is the one owed money from Bobby. I’m no child support expert, but I believe some states allow kids to receive support after they turn legal.


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For Sale: Whitney Houston’s New Jersey Mansion

Published by Dior Noir on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 3:00 pm.


Whitney Houston has already said bye bye to her ex-husband Bobby Brown with a divorce in 2007, and now the singer is trying to part ways with the house the two got married at in 1992.

According to the Associated Press, the singer is putting up her Menham, New Jersey home for sale with an asking price of $2.5 million, although it’s valued at $5.6 million.


Whoever buys the modern-styled mansion will be in for a beautiful home. The property is five-bedrooms, 12,561-sq.-ft. and the real estate website where it’s listed describes other perks including “circular-themed interior spaces,” as well as a four-car garage, three fireplaces, walk-in closets, a bar and skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows.

During the end of her marriage to Bobby, Whitney moved to Atlanta. She and her daughter, Bobbi, currently reside in Los Angeles. Selling the old house isn’t the only fresh start that Whitney has made recently. Her comeback album, “I Look to You,” was the first album she recorded in seven years and it debuted at  No. 1 on the Billboard charts when it dropped at the end of August. It seems like the songbird is  trying to pick up the pieces of her rocky past and move on in general.  Go Whitney!

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Bobby on Whitney: It Helped Kill Her Bisexual Rumors

Published by Runteldat on Monday, October 26, 2009 at 12:00 am.


There have always been rumors that Whitney Houston might have a thing for ladies in addition to rocks and rocky men, but since we don’t sleep with Nippy it’s been none of our business.

But a man who has slept in the same bed as the famed singer has apparently entertained those lesbian rumors himself.

In his tell-all book, Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But.…, Bobby Brown has accused Whitney of getting married to “clean up her image”.

Bobby writes:

“[The marriage] was doomed from the very beginning. I think we got married for all the wrong reasons. Now, I realize Whitney had a different agenda than I did when we got married.

I believe her agenda was to clean up her image, while mine was to be loved and have children.

The media was accusing her of having a bisexual relationship with her assistant, Robin Crawford.

Since she was the American Sweetheart and all, that didn’t go too well with her image.

In Whitney’s situation, the only solution was to get married and have kids. That would kill all speculation, whether it was true or not.”


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Bobby on Whitney: ‘We Corrupted Each Other’

Published by Dior Noir on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 3:00 pm.

Whitney and Bobby

From drug use to abuse Whitney Houston shared dirty details of her stormy marriage to Bobby Brown in a highly anticipated interview with Oprah that aired yesterday, and while she called him her “drug” and said she “was so weak to him,” the “King of R&B” responded with his own take on the relationship.

In a sit down with Insider that also aired yesterday, Bobby said: “I think we corrupted each other. I don’t think she hurt me or I hurt her in any way. I just think we had a 14-year marriage that had its ups and downs, and not many people understood it.

Other tidbits from Bobby’s sit down with reporter Chris Jacobs:

On how often he used drugs: I used an awful lot and can’t take that back.”

On his drug of choice:Cocaine, it’s a powerful drug.

On why he used:I just think I was bored. I had just gotten married, and things [weren’t] right. Unfortunately, I turned to alcohol and drugs.”

On the night he first met Whitney: That’s one of the things I try to forget.

On his feelings about Whitney’s tell-all interview with Oprah:If there’s something that she says that is untrue or disrespectful then I’ll deal with that with her.

We’ve already heard a lot of details of their relationship in the past, heck, they even had a reality TV stint that gave us an inside look (remember Bravo’s  Being Bobby Brown that aired in 2005?), but for whatever reason the world still can’t get enough of the Whitney Bobby show!

What do you think about these interviews? Who’s side are you on?


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