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Tameka Raymond: Loses in Court Battle With Landlord

Published by on Monday, July 8, 2013 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: John E. Davidson/Getty Images)

This summer things are heating up for Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond in the worst way.  She’s now in the news for breaking a lease with her former landlord and owes over $200,000 in back rent.

Initially, Raymond’s ex-landlord claimed she owed in approximately $50,000 in overdue rent for three retail spaces where she runs her Georgia businesses. But Tameka countered that her landlord broke the lease and argued that the case should be dismissed.

Unfortunately for Raymond, the judge in the case was nowhere near on her side in the dispute. The judge ordered Tameka to pay $186,036.50 in principal fees, $18,628.65 in attorney fess for a grand whopping total of $204,665.15 (yikes!)

If there are on good terms, think maybe Usher will loan her the loot?

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Delayed Chris Brown Case?

Published by Carrie Blackshaw on Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 3:26 am.


Chris Brown’s next scheduled date may be a no-show.

An initial arraignment date was set for March 5  for his alleged altercation with Rihanna. But that court appearance “may not happen,” Los Angeles district attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison told E! News.

“We don’t have the evidence yet. [Los Angeles police detectives] are still investigating,” says Robison, who doesn’t expect her office to receive the case until at least next week.

“If [detectives] determine they need more time they’ll set a new date for him to come into court,” says Robison.

Guess that means we may have to wait a bit longer to get more firsthand details about what went down the night before the Grammys.

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