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Tiger Woods Allegedly Trying to Woo Back Ex-Wife

Published by Natasha Fierce on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 8:54 am.

(Photo: Harry How/Getty Images)

Looks like those bikini pictures of Elin Nordegren splashed all over the gossip blogs are doing the trick.

Rumor has it that Tiger Woods is trying to get back with his ex-wife, the one he cheated on with a long, long list of women, and is willing to throw half his fortune into the pre-nup as a guarantee that he won’t stray again. The National Enquirer first reported that Woods re-proposed to Elin on Christmas Day, with a sparkler that probably rivals Vanessa Bryant’s forgiveness ring, and that the former model is considering his offer.

But not without conditions. Woods offered a $200 million pre-nup to Nordegren (almost double the $110 million she pocketed from their divorce), and the gorgeous Swede is asking for an additional $350 million anti-cheating payout. Sources say Elin believes putting over half his fortune on the table will keep Tiger from cheating again.

The former couple have two children together, five-year-old Samantha and three-year-old Charlie. Everybody loves a happy ending, especially when kids are involved, but this doesn’t seem like a problem that gets solved by throwing money at it.

Still, if Kobe and Vanessa could make it work….

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Rumor: Tiger Woods Wants Elin Back

Published by Runteldat on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 11:50 am.

Rumor has it that Tiger Woods would like that old thing back.

The National Enquirer reports that while dropping his kids off to ex-wife, Elin Nordegren’s house, Tiger Woods tried to get back in her good graces in an effort to win her heart back.

But, as you can imagine when you’ve been cheated on several times and have it all play out in the media, you probably aren’t trying to hear that bull.

So sayeth the Enquirer:

“You’re DELUSIONALl! You’re out of your mind!” A furious ELIN NORDEGREN blasted serial cheatin’ ex-hubby TIGER WOODS after the lonely, depressed golfer begged her to take him back.


Only a week after finalizing his $100 million divorce settlement, the disgraced athlete began pleading with the mother of his two children for reconciliation – but she told him to go stick his head in a sand trap!

“Tiger was returning the kids from a visitation and they were talking in Elin’s driveway,” a source close to Woods told The ENQUIRER.

“Out of the blue, he said, ‘You know, we wouldn’t have to go through all this if we’d never broken up. We should give things another try.’”

Tiger’s ex-wife, who had been humiliated by his rampant cheating, exploded in a rage.

“Elin was stunned! She couldn’t believe what she was hearing,” revealed the close source.

“She grabbed the kids, went into the house and slammed the door!”


From the top now, ya’ll: “Love don’t live here anymore. Just emptiness and memories of what we had before.”

Or: “I hate you so much right now! I hate you so much right now! Ahh!”


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Tiger Woods’ Wife Wants $750 Million From Divorce

Published by Dior Noir on Monday, May 24, 2010 at 3:00 pm.


There’s a price to pay for cheating on your wife with over a dozen women and for Tiger Woods’ wife $750 sounds about right! Yep, that’s the jaw-dropping amount Elin Nordegren is demanding from Tiger in their divorce negotiations. And we thought Kelis was bad!

According to the Daily News Elin has also “said no to a ‘confidentiality clause’ that would prevent her from writing a book or doing any interviews about the split” (Tiger clearly didn’t pay his mistresses enough money to sign that clause either!) and she also wants full custody of the couple’s kids!

Elin’s not playing!

That’s what Tiger gets for being so messy and apparently he still hasn’t learned his lesson. Radar Online reports that he’s already back on the prowl and has been hanging out with a blonde in Florida that looks a lot like his wife.

He may be the richest athlete in the world, but Tiger doesn’t have any sense!

Considering the situation, do you think Elin’s divorce demands are unreasonable?


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