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How Alicia Keys Became a Hamptons Mansion Intruder

Published by on Friday, October 4, 2013 at 10:00 am.

Alicia Keys is known for many things singing, acting, producing and now apparently, accidentally breaking into Hampton mansions. Not exactly, but the “Girl on Fire” songstress had a lot of explaining to do recently when she and husband Swizz Beatz accidentally let themselves into the wrong home in Long Island, New York.

“We were going to a friend’s house so we put the address into the navigation,” Keys explained to OMG Insider. “The friend had mentioned that it was going to be very late so she left us a way to get in. It just so happened it was the same thing [at this other house]. We went in there and she described exactly what it ended up being, dogs barking and [having to] find a room.”

The actual owner of the home was startled by the noise she heard in her house and was shocked to find Keys and her hubby loudly making themselves at home in her kitchen.

Keys recalls, “We realized we were at the wrong place when [a strange] woman came out and said, ‘I don’t who you are or what you’re doing and why you’re here.’ It was really an honest mistake!”

In the end, the three reportedly had a good laugh about the situation and went their separate ways. Not sure what you think, but Alicia and Swizz home invasion would definitely make sweet music!

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Katie Holmes Rejects Jamie Foxx Over Butt Grab

Published by on Friday, August 30, 2013 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Shahar Azran/WireImage)

What seemed like a promising, budding, interracial, A-list romance in the works might be skidding towards splitsville before its time. Gossip magazines were all abuzz over the possible pairing of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. The two were seen onstage last weekend heating things up on the dancefloor at the Apollo in the Hamptons benefit in East Hampton, New York. Holmes and Foxx got tongues wagging as they worked up a sweat to the summer’s hottest, sexiest tunes including “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky.”

But an eyewitness to the celebratory celebrity boogie said that after the dancing was done things went quickly awry. “They danced and after a hug he grabbed her butt and tried to seal the deal,” an observer told Us Weekly. Holmes rejected Foxx, with the source adding, “She was flattered, but not interested.”

A pal of Katie says the twosome “weren’t flirting and have been friends a long time.”

So, maybe it’s not all over for Jamie. Friends have been known to give friends second chances …

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