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Carmelo Anthony Honey Nut Cheerios Taunt Inspires Steak Sauce

Published by on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 8:31 am.

(Photo: REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine)

One New York City restaurant has decided to take the sour lemons of the Carmelo Anthony-Kevin Garnett feud and make lemonade. Inspired by the recent sweet and tasty teasings of Garnett, who told Anthony that his estranged wife La La tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios, chefs at Old Homestead Steakhouse have developed an exclusive new meat sauce.

Marc and Greg Sherry, the restaurant owners and the executive chef George Elizalde took a porterhouse 40-ounce steak and “made a classic French Bordelaise sauce infused with pulverized Honey Nut Cheerios and poured it on,” said a staffer. “It’s a little sweet. It’s got other extra secret ingredients that I can’t tell you about, but the Cheerios are in there.”

Another source of inspiration for the glaze, Anthony’s reveal that after completing a 15-day fast that he was in the mood for both a big juicy steak and a bowl of Cheerios.

So far, only the owners and chef have tasted the new sauce but the trio say they sincerely hope that Melo will be next. If he likes it and it meets his approval it will be added to the menu, according to the restaurant staffer.  One person not invited to sample the  special concoction is Garnett. When it comes to the Anthony-Garnett feud the Old Homestead Steakhouse sides exclusively with Team Anthony.

The restaurant staffer adds, “Melo was insulted and we want to help him. Garnett’s messing with the wrong town.”

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