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The Ex Mrs. Idris Elba Surfaces

Published by Carrie Blackshaw on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 2:59 pm.

Just when I started believing I would be Idris Elba’s first wife I find out
the chocolate bar is divorced. The fact that he had a daughter was no secret but
the assumption was that there only a baby mama existed. As it turns out, he was

Idris has done a pretty good job keeping his private live under wraps. But now the
word is out that his ex-wife, Kim Elba, is a Georgia-based makeup artist, who according
to her MySpace page, offers makeup services to the film, stage, TV, fashion, print
and music industry. Naturally, she lists Idris in her list of credits.

Idris gave a sliver of a glimpse into his off-screen life when he sat down to chat
with a reporter from London’s Daily Telegraph earlier this year.

“I’ve had wedding proposals, and one girl even had a baby and named
her son after me.”

Asked if he enjoying the female attention, he replied:

“Next question.”

Asked about his daughter, he said:

“She lives out here, with her mother in Atlanta.”

“Honestly, I really can’t talk about my personal life because I’ve
got a really messy one, so out of respect for the people involved…”

Well, I’d settle for being the second Mrs. Idris Elba. Even with the mess.

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