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Lil’ Wayne Pays $1,000 to Watch Strippers Fight

Published by on Friday, January 6, 2012 at 9:33 am.

(Photo: Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup)

Lil’ Wayne recently hit a strip club to watch a couple shake ladies thrown down—and we mean throw it down—in the boxing ring.

While in Miami, Weezy visited the famous King of Diamonds for its special fight night. He had ring side seats for the pugilistic match between a stripper in purple trunks vs’ a pole-ster in black shorts. After purple pummeled black against the ropes and won the bout, Wayne rewarded the victor with $1000 worth of singles.

TMZ reported that following the fight, Wayne stayed at the club for three hours and spent $30,000 that evening.

Now… if only he could take that money and randomly help a family hard hit by the recession instead of hard hitting strippers.

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Diddy is Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artist

Published by Dior Noir on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 3:00 pm.

We can all dispute which rapper runs the game, but when it comes to the money the numbers don’t lie: according to Forbes latest earnings list Diddy is stacking more paper than anyone. (Take that, Take that, Take that!)

Diddy is number one on “The Forbes Five: Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists” list and racked in $475 million last year, “fueled by his interests in Sean John clothing, Bad Boy Worldwide record label and, most significantly, his Diageo joint-venture vodka brand Ciroc.”  Jay-Z didn’t do so bad for himself at $450 million and was also upgraded to the top of Forbes’ list for Top Earning Celebrity Couples thanks to Beyonce’s earning power.

Rounding out the top five is Dr. Dre who came in several millions behind Diddy and Jay at $125 million, 50 Cent and Cash Money’s Birdman both brought in $100 million.

Why is the list so small compared to some of Forbes’ others? They explained, ”though other hip-hop artists including Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross and others — not to mention pop sensation Bruno Mars, who penned Travie McCoy’s hit song “Billionaire” — frequently speak of ten-figure desires, we kept our list to five because of the lack of information available on the fortunes under $100 million.”
Next time we hear all the rappers bragging about the Benjamins we know who’s really running it!
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Cassidy Still Stuck on Baby and Lil’ Wayne Kissing

Published by Runteldat on Monday, March 7, 2011 at 12:00 am.

Why are people still pressed about Lil’ Wayne kissing Baby on the mouth? I assumed we were all over this by now? Apparently not.

Cassidy recently brought it up for the millionth time. In his mind, men who claim to be gangsters don’t kiss other men. Are you yawning yet? If so, wait until you read the actual quote.

According to Cassidy: “If you’re considered to be a gangster or a man, period, you shouldn’t be kissing another man or another gangster—period.”

You know what’s so fun about rappers? The very people a lot of them pretend to be – Italian mobsters – kiss each other.  Are they gay? No, but they are secure enough in their sexuality. I’m also assuming they read the newspapers, blogs, or something – whatever will keep them from talking about topics several years old.

Speaking of such, Cassidy brought this very topic back up in 2007. He said: “There’s no way that you can word it to make me approve of that, so I’m going to let that be known.”

Dude, you’ve made it known. Now we can all move on.

Source: 1, 2

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The DEA Tries To Catch Lil’ Wayne Slipping

Published by Runteldat on Monday, February 28, 2011 at 11:50 am.

The DEA won’t let Lil’ Wayne be great.

As he headed home to Miami last week, he was greeted by a bunch of federal agents with the mindset that Weezy followed the T.I. guide to life on parole.

TMZ reports:

Lil Wayne had one hell of a greeting party at Opa-Loca Airport in Miami earlier this week—where the rapper was stopped and searched by federal agents after he got off his plane … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us … multiple agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency performed a contraband search on Weezy … who’s currently on felony probation stemming from incidents involving drugs and guns.

But Weezy was squeaky clean — so the agents let the rapper go on his way with no further incident.

Anyone else going with the sentiment that Lil’ Wayne is going to stay squeaky clean?


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We Doubt Lauren London’s Broke

Published by Runteldat on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 11:50 am.

The most reliable site in all the Internet (that is, if reliable meant a lie on steroids and protein shakes), Media Take Out, is reporting that Lauren London is broke.

To be fair to them, they did offer some degree of “evidence.”

By that I mean they screencapped someone’s Facebook status updates that read as follows:

I know this is wrong but I can’t hold it in. So Lauren London and Trey Songz came and eat at my job, Tell me why Ms. London’s damn card Declined LMAO!!!!!

They wondered if Lil’ Wayne’s child support checks have been enough. Yeah, how considerate of them.

Of course, this is all quite anecdotal and you know people lie on Facebook. I mean, I can’t be the only one who knows of people on there pretending to be at work when in actuality they’re in jail using a cell phone they snuck in there.

So I’ll wait until I see some more evidence before I actually believe Lauren London is broke. You know, considering she’s working and all. Or better yet, in the next story how about the storyteller has Trey covering the bill.


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Toya Carter On New Book and New Man

Published by Runteldat on Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 12:00 am.

BET’s own Antonia “Toya” Carter is this month’s cover girl over at Sister 2 Sister magazine.

In her interview, Toya – who is set to star in her own spin-off reality show on BET in April – discussed her upcoming book and how she and new boyfriend MeMphHitz handle her ex, rapper Lil’ Wayne.

Toya on maintaining a friendship with ex-husband, Lil’ Wayne:

“Yeah, we’re really, really cool. Wayne actually did the foreword for my book. It’s like, him and MeMphHitz met and now everything is all good.”

On her boyfriend, MeMphHitz:

“Yes he’s like sexy chocolate. (laughter) I’m kidding. He’s a family guy and that’s what I love. Like, he was raised by both parents until his father passed away. He’s very well-mannered. He’s not selfish. He’s 100 percent supportive. He’s a good friend…everything I ever wanted in a man. You can tell it’s a difference when a guy grows up with both of their parents. Like, everything was ‘yes ma’am, yes sir.’ Respectful, like, ‘Let me open the door for you.’ These days, guys think that is lame when that’s really being a gentleman. He shows me and my daughter lots of respect. And you know, I love that about him. You don’t get that too much these days.”

On what we can expect from her upcoming book:


“The name of the book is Priceless Inspirations. It’s about my life and growing pains and things I chose to share with younger girls. An example is teen pregnancy; domestic violence, drugs, the business-the list goes on. Relationships, boys-it’s all types of stuff, like heart break. Just everything that I have been through that has made me the woman that I am today. Like, sometimes people say you have to go through things to kind of get it. Like, nobody could tell me not to have my baby, even though everybody was against it and felt like I was a child having a child. I had to experience that. These little boys want one thing, but I still did what I wanted to do. It was just me being younger.

But sometimes stories can help you versus your parents or older people trying to tell you thing. Sometimes we feel like, “That happened to you but that don’t apply to us; that was back in the old days.” With my book I just wanted to do something inspirational. I named my book Priceless Inspirations because my name, Antonia, means ‘priceless’ in Italian.”


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Lil’ Wayne Will Ride In Your Beat Up Camry If He Likes You

Published by Runteldat on Monday, December 27, 2010 at 11:50 am.

Lil’ Wayne made himself a friend this Christmas and where else but a club in Miami.

Yep, Weezy F. Baby liked the woman so much that he hopped into her old Toyota Camry and rode off into the “sunset” (however you decode that is on you).

Via the New York Post:

A free bird just in time for Christmas, ex-Rikers convict Lil Wayne is chasing love over the holidays. The recently released rapper was spotted wearing a Michael Jackson-esque bandana over his mouth while with a pretty young woman outside The Setai residences in Miami. He was so smitten, he even got into her less flashy set of wheels. “He hopped into her beat-up silver Toyota Camry and had his chaffeured Rolls-Royce follow,” our spy said.

Considering Wayne’s track record, it won’t be long before she’s using a child support check to lease an SLK 320.


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Lil’ Wayne’s Baby Rumors Linger

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 11:50 am.

Lil’ Wayne hasn’t been out for a few months and already people are trying to give him new kids.

There was a small rumbling hours after his released that he may have been on baby number five, but now the chatter has gotten a lot louder.


MediaQUICKY received an email and photo from an anonymous person claiming Lil Wayne is going to be a daddy again. The email says one of his girlfriends is claiming to be carrying his baby!

We chose not to post the young lady’s picture but we’re told she’s from New Orleans and was dating Weezy before he went to jail. Other websites are going forward with the story but we’re working on confirming the details.

I’m not sure if this is the same person in question previously or another, but whatever it is, man, I hope his Maury moments end by year’s end.


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Lil Wayne Sent to Solitary Confinement

Published by Dior Noir on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 1:30 pm.

Lil Wayne only has one more month left in jail, but he’s still breaking the rules! Yesterday he was moved to solitary confinement–where he’ll spend the rest of his sentence–as a punishment for being found with contraband items.

Officials found Wayne with a headphone and charger (hidden in a potato chip bag in the garbage of  his cell) and a music player in another inmates cell. Both men were charged with infractions and subject to the jail disciplinary process.

Lil Wayne’s lock-down means for the the next month:

  • He’ll be confined to his cell 23 hours a day
  • He’ll be have to eat in his cell
  • He won’t be allowed to socialize, even during his 1 hour of recreation
  • He won’t be allowed to watch TV
  • He’ll be limited to one phone call per week, instead of one or more calls per day (except to his lawyer)
  • First the guards got in trouble for bending the rules for ‘Lil Wayne and now he’s doing it to himself? He needs to stop playing and lay low this next month before they change their minds about letting him out for good behavior.


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    And Now a Literary Moment From ‘Lil Wayne

    Published by Dior Noir on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at 3:00 pm.

    Countdown to ‘Lil Wayne’s release!  Your boy is expected to be free on November 4th and I for one can’t wait to see what kind of lyrical fire he’s been cooking up during his time at Rikers Island. In the meantime, he flexed his pen writing to write his 7th letter from behind the wall, just one day before his 28th birthday

    The rapper talked about feeling like an old head,working out (although he says don’t expect him to come out swole), passing the time by playing UNO and listening to slow jams and he even threw a marriage proposal in there. See the full letter below:  

    Letter #07: This Blessed Day of Mines

    What’z poppin!

    I hope that you all are well and as always, thank you thank you thank you for the endless love and support. I think by the time you all read this I’ll be 28 years old… feeling ancient in this b#tch! On that note, I do encourage you young people to enjoy your youth. And for the old heads like me, enjoy your life. Everyday!

    As for me, I’m good. Awaiting freedom patiently. People often ask does the days feel longer now that the time is getting shorter… I say that there’s 24 hours in everyday. But honestly, I can’t fxckin’ wait! Sorry. Anyway, I’m still playing UNO. Still doing pushups and such, by the way, please don’t expect me to come out looking any different. I’m the same little ‘ol me. Also, I’ve been trying to get as much rest as I can because I know I won’t when I’m out of here. Wait, Aaliyah’s “Let Me Know” just came on the radio! “At your best, you are love”… and I try to always be at my best, for you.

    I only listen to slow jams and ESPN. Shoutout to Keith Stewart and Dr. Bob Lee on WBLS, and Lenny Green on KISSfm. That’s all I listen to, other than sports. Oh and if you haven’t heard the new song by Eric Benet, “Sometimes I Cry”, please stop what you’re doing and check it out. Well, after you finish reading this. It’s the best song I’ve heard since Maxwell’s “Woman’s Worth”. It’s for grown folk. I actually listen to the radio all day waiting for that song. Anyway, so back to my fans, you are the best in the world. When reading those letters, you never cease to amaze me with your love. I am forever grateful.

    So my kids are perfect. I miss them like crazy! Reginaé, you are the angel of my life. Kam, you are amazing. Neal, you are my little wonderful meatball. And Lil Tunechi Jr., you are so me. City, I am so you! I love my family and I thank them for the support during this time. It’s almost over. To my YMCM family, you are the fxckin’ best! Uhh Nik, I am jealous of you and Drizzy, but it’s cool! Ha ha. I miss you all and keep killin’ ‘em. I love y’all.

    To everyone who’s come to visit me. I thank you for that, graciously. It means a lot. Well I’ll end this letter but never my love. Speaking of love… Mr. Chris Kyle, will you marry Ms. Ashalee Albarr??? Now that was cool. Well I hope y’all got my new album ‘I Am Not A Human Being’. It’s great, like every one of you. Peace.

    P.S. … you’re mines.

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