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Nick Cannon Gifts Mariah Carey With Diamonds After Bragging About Kim Kardashian

Published by on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Mariah Carey via Instagram)

One Hollywood husband has figured out the secret to reconciling his past love life with a current spouse. Nick Cannon personally blew up his own spot on a recent radio appearance where name checked Kim Kardashian and bragged about “smashing” Kanye West’s reality star fiancée.

In one fell swoop, Cannon smoothed things over with Mrs. Mariah Carey before any domestic beef had a chance to fester. Cannon gave his wifey a diamond bracelet and Carey, in turn, went on the record publicly about how much she loved it.

“Nick surprised me for 3/27 with a stellar diamond bracelet encrusted with 3 floating butterflies!” Carey posted.

“I think she’s happy…” Cannon replied. Mariah also tweeted out a very happy pic of she and Nick and the gorgeously blinding piece of jewelry.

Gentlemen, both celeb and not please be sure to take notes: This is how your past should always meet your present.

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Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Keep Happy with Sex

Published by on Monday, January 13, 2014 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Island Def Jam)

If you need tips on how to keep your marriage happy and fresh, just look to star couple Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s example as your guide. Their main ingredient for a jolly union: lots of s-e-x.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Cannon gave that candid answer when asked how they keep the flame of his five-year marriage alive. Another trick was taking lots of vacations, as the two recently went on a trip to Aspen with their twins Moroccan and Monroe. If you didn’t hear about the trip, you may have heard about the hot Instagram pics Mariah posted while traipsing in the snowy landscape in a tiny red bikini.

Glad to see that a celeb couple can keep the fires burning!

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Nick Cannon Impostor Steals Jewelry

Published by on Monday, November 18, 2013 at 10:30 am.

(Photo: Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Samsung)

Currently, all that glitters is not gold in the world of Nick Cannon and it’s all because thieves posed as members of his camp and ripped off some very high-end jewelry.

Apparently being the hubby of Mariah Carey carries a lot of weight in bling; a man named Michael called the Santa Monica, California Fred Segal store, said he worked for Cannon and that he needed some jewelry. Michael then set up a meeting with the Fred Segal rep, who happily obliged to bring thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in a bag and meet him at the Roosevelt Hotel.

The rep was met at the front door by an “alleged” security guard who offered to take the goods up to Nick’s room and come back to her with the cash. But unfortunately, after giving the “guard” the jewelry, the rep realized she got ripped off when no one returned.

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently on the case.

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Nick Cannon Says Mariah Carey Is No Diva When It Comes to Motherhood

Published by on Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images For Nickelodeon)

For those who think Mariah Carey is too much of a diva to do the hard work of parenting Nick Cannon says it just ain’t so. Talking to In Touch, the America’s Got Talent host says his wife is not too high and mighty to be a mommy.

Insisting Carey does “everything everyone else does,” Nick explained that, along with relaxing on the couch and watching movies, she also cleans up behind their 22-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe… And she cooks. “Her specialty is linguine and clam sauce,” he claimed.

Is this an about face from what was said in November 2012? Appearing on Anderson Live, Cannon said he was stuck with the bulk of the diaper-changing duties. Not to mention the tabloid report,s which show Mariah parading the babies within her moments of divadom… like when she arrived to an ice cream date with friends three hours late. Either way, we are sure Mariah is an incredible mom!

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Mariah Carey Throws “Re-Christmas” Party Amid East Coast Blizzard

Published by Natasha Fierce on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Pedro Andrade/KVS, Â

Mariah Carey sure knows how to turn lemons to lemonade…or a blizzard into a winter wonderland.

The American Idol judge took advantage of winter storm Nemo, which pelted the East Coast with several inches of white snow, by throwing a “Re-Christmas” party at her New York City penthouse. The bash, complete with a roaring fire, Christmas tree and candy canes, was capped by Carey singing her rendition of “O Come All Ye Faithful” for her guests.

“It’s truly quite fabulous and festive,” the diva said in the video to her fans. “I wish you could all be here.”

Cocoa and carols with Mimi? We wish so, too.

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Mariah Carey Uses $1900 Facial Cream on Her Twins’ Butts

Published by on Monday, November 19, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Angela Weiss/WireImage)

The term diva has followed pop icon Mariah Carey for twenty years. Even her hubby Nick Cannon lovingly called his wife the four letter word on Anderson Live last week when discussing the pair’s various parenting styles of twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Apparently the American Idol judge is taking pampering “‘Dem Babies” to a whole new level. We’ve all heard the stories of the Cannon babies donning designer baby shoes, sleeping in imported Italian crib linens and bathing in bubble baths filled only with bottled water. The print edition of Star Magazine is now reporting that Mimi spends $1900 for 16-ounce jars of La Mer moisturizer for Roc and Roe’s bottoms as diaper cream.

For those not in the know, La Mer is a very pricey facial moisturizer that usually sells at $150 an ounce. Sources close to Carey say, “Nothing is too good for Mariah’s babies. She probably spends more than $6000 a month on the lotion alone so the kids don’t have diaper rash.”

But despite her lavish lifestyle Carey is not a wasteful diva. She reportedly uses whatever is leftover of the cream on her own face.

You’ve got to love Mimi. She lives in her own pampered world and she’s apparently loving it. Hey, you might too if you had Mariah’s style of pop princess loot to spend.

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Mariah Carey Pays $1,500 For a Eight-Hour Massage

Published by on Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 10:22 am.

(Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

Mariah Carey laid down a nice fee for a looooong rub down.

To get some sleep at her Los Angeles mansion on September 29, the pop icon ordered an eight-hour massage and paid $1,500 for the service, according to a source.

Her one request? That Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen’s hilarious mock-umentary, be played on a loop.

Could Mariah have ordered the rubdown to relieve her from the stress of sharing the American Idol judge table with new nemesis Nicki Minaj, who would curse Carey out the following week?

Either way, it was best the Grammy-winner figured a way to rub out her trouble without breaking the law.

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Mariah Carey Parties on Lesbian Night

Published by on Monday, May 14, 2012 at 9:15 am.

(Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

The gay community wasn’t the only one celebrating President Obama’s personal support of same-sex marriage…

Hours after the prez publicly made his famous statement, pop diva Mariah Carey popped by a West Hollywood gay club to party down…. well, at least for an hour and a half.

During lesbian-night at the famed club Abbey, Mariah dropped by at around 12:30 am, entertaining several female guests at a table, and left close to 2 am. Did she dance? Did she get hit on? Hey, who knows. But the most interesting factoid of the evening was that hubby, Nick Cannon, was not around (most likely, home with the kids).

Glad to see mama still, well, gets a girls night out!

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Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey Work it Out in New Weight Loss Ads

Published by Dior Noir on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images for Weight Watchers)

Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey are already on their jobs to try and motivate the masses for weight loss success with new commercials just in time for the New Year.

J-Hud’s latest Weight Watchers ad shows the singer in her current svelte state onstage singing a duet with a 2004 version of herself  singing the Four Tops hit “I Believe in You and Me.”  Gotta love technology trickery! The two versions of the star show just how dramatic her reported 80-pound weight loss has been; she practically looks like an entirely different person. It’s the ultimate “Before and After” imagery, especially now that she’s more style savvy.  You know the Oscar winner in her body hugging tan dress and sleek hair wouldn’t even try it with that ill-fitting dress and matchy-matchy flower headband over the curly weave these days. The Jennifer of today’s international fame looks at her former self tenderly and belts “I believe in miracles!” and she’s definitely putting in a good case to start counting Weight Watchers points!

Mariah’s got a similarly inspiring soundtrack to her first Jenny—formerly Jenny Craig—commercial by way of a slight remix to her hit “Make it Happen” (a great track to revisit if you need a little motivation).  “The ‘Make It Happen’ song resonates with people because it comes from a real place,” she said. “I had to push through a lot of adversity in my life and this is just the next chapter.” Mimi’s showing off some serious skin and a newly tight tummy in the spot after losing 70 pounds following the birth of her twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Now that weight loss program endorsements are the new black in Hollywood, we’ll be keeping an eye out for Janet and Scary Spice’s new ad sports too!

Do these new ads make you want to get it right and keep it tight for 2012?

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No More Babies For Mariah Carey

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 11:14 am.

After Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon welcome their twins, don’t expect any future announcements about more kids on the way.

Speaking with Life & Style magazine, the pop superstar and mother-to-be says she’s “ready to be done” when it comes to pregnancies. Carey that her pregnancy has been rough at times and it would take “a much stronger person” than her to go through the experience again.

The singer did note that she has cherished her experiences as a pregnant woman, particularly after her 2009 miscarriage. Carey, who is due in May and expecting a boy and a girl, said, “It’s all worth it.”

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