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Naomi Campbell’s Ex-Beau Dating Naomi Look-a-Like and J.Lo Says She’d Like to Marry Again

Published by on Friday, May 17, 2013 at 10:40 am.

(Photo: Anthony Harvey/PictureGroup)

In celeb relationship news, Jennifer Lopez says that she would be willing to give marriage another shot while Naomi Campbell’s former beau has rebounded after their breakup… with a model that bore a striking resemblance to Naomi.

Recent reports have speculated that Campbell and her billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, have parted ways after a 5-year relationship. And, from the looks of it, he has moved on. Doronin was spotted relaxing around on a yacht off the shores of Miami with a model named Georgie Badiel who could easily be mistaken for the businessman’s ex super model girlfriend… Whether or not he’s with Badiel, at least he’s consistent.

And speaking of being consistent, J.Lo sat down with a reporter on the set of her new video “Live it Up” where the conversation immediately went to topic of her beau Casper Smart. After explaining how he compliments her work, artistically (Smart is apart of her music team), Lopez was asked if she would marry again.

“Probably,” she responded. “… I like [being married.]” Could she and Smart be making plans? We’ll keep you posted.

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Believe This? Naomi Campbell is “Too Nice” for Reality TV

Published by Natasha Fierce on Friday, August 10, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

They better start handing out parkas in hell.

Naomi Campbell
may get fired from her latest gig as host of a reality modeling competition for being…”too nice.” According to insiders, producers for Oxygen Network’s The Face are disappointed in Campbell’s model behavior on set, claiming she has been too professional and pleasant for their liking.

In other words, they want the “b****” back.

“Producers were expecting her to be a tantrum-throwing super b**** who causes problems backstage and makes people cry,” a source says.

Alas, so were we, but can’t we be happy for the progress Naomi has made as a human being? The former gold medalist in the cell phone shot put has been on her best behavior lately, and that should be celebrated. There are plenty of weave-pulling, name-calling women on television already as it is.

Unfortunately, polite professionalism isn’t what boosts ratings, so expect Campbell to rev up her diva attitude in order to save her job. A word to the wise: duck and cover.

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Naomi Campbell Blamed for Billionaire Boyfriend’s Divorce

Published by Natasha Fierce on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 9:55 am.

(Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Trouble can’t seem to get enough of Naomi Campbell. Just as the supermodel appears to have gotten hold of her anger management issues, she finds herself smack in the middle of ex drama between her boo, billionaire Vladimir Doronin and his estranged wife Ekaterina.

The Daily Mail reports that Ekaterina, who has finally granted her husband a divorce, blames Campbell for their split, calling her a homewrecker even though she’s been separated from her husband for ten years. Doronin began dating Campbell in 2008 and even had a 7-year relationship with another broad prior.

“Naomi is pleased that Ekaterina has finally agreed to give Vladimir a divorce, but she is upset she is planning on blaming her for the marriage breakdown,” a source close to Campbell tells the paper. “She is no homewrecker. The truth is that Vladimir had been separated from her for a very long time when he and Naomi got together.”
The source also adds, “Vladimir and Naomi are very much in love and are happy together. This is going to cause them both a fair amount of stress. It’s ridiculous that Naomi is being dragged into this.”
Well, someone forgot to send a memo to Ekaterina. She told the News of the World last year, “It’s a ridiculous affair. Vladimir is married to me and we are still a couple. Naomi is deluding herself if she thinks she can take my husband.”
Someone is definitely deluding themselves in this sordid little love triangle, but for once we’ll say Naomi seems like the rational one. Ekat, honey, we know its hard to admit you’ve been dumped, especially by a billionaire, but maybe it’s time to take your half of the money and run.
Naomi and Moneybags met at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008. The supermodel has since moved to Moscow to be closer to her beau.
“I live in Moscow now permanently and I really love life there,” Campbell told British Vogue in 2010. “I’m really happy and things are just going really well. You know, I just don’t know how many more catwalks I’m going to do from now on. We’ll just see.”

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Naomi Campbell Has An Alcohol And Drug Allergy?

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 11:50 am.

Naomi Campbell claims that “drink and drugs are an allergy” for her.

She discusses her previous problems with substance abuse in the latest edition of GQ UK.

On her past battles with addiction, Naomi says:

“It rips you world apart. I never thought I was an alcoholic but it goes hand in hand with the drugs. Emotionally I was just gone. I was emotionally unattached to myself. You just want to numb your pain. And I’ve got tons of stuff. Same as everybody else. I didn’t like the way I was. Drink and drugs are an allergy for me, and they don’t make me a better person.”

Naomi says the behavior started back in her 20s when she was a party girl:

“I was a party girl. I started quite late, 24. I was having fun. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without it. It wasn’t a coping mechanism. It was a party thing and I didn’t realize how powerful it was, in a very wrong way. The fun comes with consequences, you are killing yourself…I was an active addict. But I could still function.”

Though she’s now proud of overcoming addiction, she insists that people recognize that there is no shame in admitting you have a problem and seeking help:

“Recovery is a positive thing. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. When you know you need help, and seek help, you need that time to deal with it. Get used to that new discipline. Tell when you are ready to tell. There’s no shame. There are people who get out of that prison, like Eric Clapton. I wanted to know what it was – that peace, that serenity. A lot of my friends didn’t want to hang out with me when I came back. That hurt.”


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Naomi Campbell To Appear In Court On Thursday

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 11:50 am.

She doesn’t enjoy being there, but tomorrow Naomi Campbell will have to appear in court to deal with allegations of breach of contract and possible perjury.

It all stems from the lawsuit filed by her former agent Carole White and her beauty firm, Moodform Mission.

White claims Naomi backed out of a multi-million dollar endorsement deal. The company is now seeking $8 million from Campbell.

The supermodel filed a countersuit claiming the company misrepresented her role within the company before she took on the gig.

A judge will also be asked to investigate the affidavits of Campbell, her manager and her lawyer for perjury.

White cited a recording of a meeting with Naomi and her team that she argues contradicts statements Naomi gave to the court.

In response, Naomi and co. released a formal denial via the following statement:

“This is a ludicrous and false allegation of an extremely serious nature which should never have been made, isn’t even demonstrated in the evidence filed at court, and can only have been made under the cover of legal proceedings. It is denied in the strongest of terms.”


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Naomi Campbell’s Ex-Agent Promises Proof To Validate Lawsuit

Published by Runteldat on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 11:50 am.

There’s a follow-up to the story of Naomi Campbell’s old agent suing the supermodel over a botched perfume endorsement deal.

While Naomi maintains that ex-agent Carole White deceived her about the deal by not noting ties to the company behind it, White is now claiming to have evidence that Nay Nay knew about it.

Via Page Six:

In a taped conversation from July 11, 2006, Campbell’s manager, Bruno Michel, calls White “partner” and says they had talked about commissions “20,000 times.” Campbell’s countersuit claims that White misrepresented her role in the fragrance company. White’s lawyer says the tape supports their case that Campbell knew of White’s role. Campbell’s rep said, “The allegation is unequivocally denied.”


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Naomi Campbell: I Did Not Lie

Published by Runteldat on Friday, November 5, 2010 at 11:50 am.

In this week’s edition of “Long Legs & Legalities,” Naomi Campbell has come out to deny allegations that she lied during testimony for a lawsuit launched by her former agent.

Naomi’s former agent, Carole White, along with executives at the cosmetics marketing company Moodform Mission, argue that the model backed out of a fragrance deal with them and failed to meet obligations to promote a fragrance.

White says her old client cancelled a promotional performance in Australia back in 2000 because she didn’t want to walk down a flight of stairs.

White’s attorney has now filed papers in New York requesting the Manhattan District Attorney consider prosecuting Campbell for perjury. They allege she lied under oath in her affidavit.

Naomi’s lawyer has responded to the allegations through the New York Post, telling the paper the model “unequivocally” denies the accusation.

The model is also counter-suing her ex-agent, claiming she signed the fragrance deal without knowing the full details and says White concealed her role as a co-director at Moodform.


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Naomi Campbell Finds Peace in Kabbalah

Published by Runteldat on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 12:00 am.

Naomi Campbell says Madonna’s religion has helped her tamper down her temper tantrums.

The supermodel says Kabbalah, which Madonna popularized and had other celebs follow, (despite it actually being dismissed by the proprietors of that sect of Judaism, but I digress) has really helped her turn her life around.

Naomi claims she’s been dabbling in the faith since 2000, but as of late has actively started practicing the faith.

She explained to Interview magazine:

“What you can change is yourself and the type of energy you put into yourself.


That you can change. I study Kabbalah because it takes me to a positive, calm place. That’s what I use it for, and it helps me a lot. I’ve been in and out of Kabbalah since around 2000. It’s just something I have taken more seriously (recently).


I’ve been practicing. I don’t know if I’ve been pronouncing everything right, but I’ve been practicing.”

Whatever stops you from BlackBerry bashing brain cells, gon’ then. Amen and stuff.


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Solider Wants Naomi Campbell To Apologize

Published by Runteldat on Monday, August 16, 2010 at 11:50 am.

Don’t you hate being inconvenienced? If there’s anyone who does, it’s Naomi Campbell.

After telling everyone from Oprah to the fruit stand owner that she didn’t want to testify in Liberian dictator Charles Taylor’s war crimes trial, Naomi ultimately gave in — only she made sure she told the court she’d rather be doing something else with her time.

During her testimony, Naomi told the judge: “This is a big inconvenience for me.”

That sentiment has since made quite a few angry.

One person in particular is 25-year-old Kabba Williams.

Williams was forced into battlefield following the death of his mother and has blasted the model for her comments.

He told Britain’s Sunday Mirror: “She should be ashamed. It is more than inconvenient for the thousands wiped out and those tortured, raped or burned to death.”

Taylor is accused of using blood diamonds to fund Sierra Leone’s 1991-2002 civil war. Naomi was believed to have been recipient of blood diamonds after meeting with Taylor at a dinner party at Nelson Mandela’s in 1997.


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Naomi Campbell Talks Anger, Drugs and Cell Phones on Oprah

Published by Runteldat on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 12:00 am.


Although she has one of the most beautiful faces on Earth, Naomi Campbell is just as known for knucking and bucking and being ready to fight at a moment’s notice as she is being a supermodel.

And on yesterday’s episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Naomi addressed her anger management issues.

“I take responsibility for the things that I have done,” Campbell told Oprah, “and I do feel a great sense of shame.”

We’ve been hearing about her violent outbursts for well over a decade. However, the fashion pioneer appeared genuinely sorry for her past transgressions.

On these incidents, Campbell said, “I feel remorseful. I feel ashamed. I feel for them…’What have I done to them?’ I’ve hurt them.”

At the root of Naomi’s anger seems to be her resentment towards her mother, Valerie Morris, who Campbell noted abandoned her to pursue her ballerina dreams.

Her mother also expressed regret, acknowledging to Oprah, “I do feel that I abandoned her.”

Campbell also touched on her long fight with cocaine, which she called the “devil’s drug.” Campbell says she hasn’t had cocaine in six years and has abstained from drinking alcohol for a year and a half.

As for Naomi’s recent run-in with ABC News, the model says she avoided the question of whether she took a “blood diamond” from former Liberia president, Charles Taylor, out of fear.

Campbell said: “I don’t want to be involved in this man’s case—he has done some terrible things and I don’t want to put my family in danger.”

She also denied slapping the camera.

“There definitely is sound effect [added],” she says. “There were three cameras, and I went to walk out the door, and the other one came in the way. So I moved the first one out to get to the door, and there were two more.”

With the ratings hungry news media desperate for press that sounds pretty plausible, doesn’t it?

It was great to see Oprah show the softer side of Naomi. Even better: She got her to sign both her no texting while driving pledge in addition to a special pledge — no phone throwing.

Source: 1, 2

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