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La Toya Jackson and Conrad Murray Refuse Incriminating Statements

Published by on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 10:00 am.

(Photos from left: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

La Toya Jackson and Conrad Murray, surprisingly, have something in common: both are backing away from statements that could incriminate them.

As we told you before, Omarosa is planning to sue La Toya for “false, vicious and defamatory” comments she made about her — saying Omarosa probably was behind the death of her fiancé, Michael Clarke Duncan. La Toya’s words flew after being fired on last Sunday’s episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

Now La Toya is saying her comments were misunderstood. Appearing on the Today Show, Jackson said she wasn’t implying that Omarosa’s behavior may have somehow contributed to Clarke’s death. “I didn’t mean it that way at all, not at all,” she said. “I think when you are under a lot of pressure, and people are just nudging you and nudging you… but absolutely not. I mean he’s a kind guy. He’s a sweet guy. He was.” We’ll see if Ms. Jackson’s clarification was enough for Omarosa to call off her lawyers.

In the other Jackson Family news, Conrad plans on not talking for a deposition regarding Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit against AEG — as a result, his depo has been canceled. Momma Jackson is suing AEG in connection with her son Michael Jackson’s death, claiming the company was negligent in how it hired and supervised Murray… Basically, the ex-doc probably wants no more to do with spilling the beans on himself about the death of MJ.

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