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What Happens In Church Doesn’t Stay

Published by Carrie Blackshaw on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 3:18 pm.

Over the years, publicist Patti S. Webster has had (and still does have) quite a
few famous names in her stable of clients, including Halle Berry, Usher, Alicia
Keys, Janet Jackson, Jermaine Dupri, Patti La Belle, Holly Robinson Peete and Ludacris.
I figured one day she would write a book. And she did.

But instead of dishing on celebs’ personal lives, Patti (pictured above with
Holly and hubby Rodney Peete), the CEO of W&W Public Relations and a deaconess,
calls upon a few famous friends to share their humorous tales in her first book,
Happened in Church: Stories of Humor from the Pulpit to the Pews.”

The book, which went on sale yesterday, includes first-person, true church stories
from Patti La Belle, Tichina Arnold, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and others.

Patti La Belle tells of being at a revival where a bat flew out of the pulpit during
the singing of “Shake the Devil Off” and bit a deacon during a revival.
Vanessa recounts being tired on a day when she was supposed to sing, getting zapped
by the spirit while onstage, falling down, rolling under the piano and then going
to sleep.

Usher gives Patti a thumbs up in the testimonial section, writing, “Her book
wittily offers a unique and clever viewpoint about church humor.” Halle adds,
“I love this book.”

I’m sure we all have a funny story or two.

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