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Deion Sanders Reunited With $15,000 German Shepherd Dog

Published by on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Twitter via DeionSanders)

Where did his big German Shepherd dog go? Deion Sanders doesn’t really care at the moment, he’s just happy his prized and expensive pooch is home. The former NFL player was finally reunited with the $15,000 dollar pet on Thursday after the pooch went missing from his front yard for nearly nine months.

Sanders tweeted, “Thank u Jesus. My dog is BACK! I won’t begin to tell u how a $15,000 dog goes missing and who took it. Wow! TRUTH.” The ex-star athlete also included a picture of he and his 139-pound attack dog, named Yasko. He also wrote, “I almost cried when I saw him.”

The purebred was specially trained to guard the Sanders home but the dog mysteriously disappeared last year. Still, questions remain as to what really happened regarding the animal’s unknown whereabouts. Anonymous sources say the entire incident smells of foul play. “He [the dog] would only go with someone he knew,” the source told The Examiner.

Sanders is not a novice to tabloid headlines as of late. He and his ex-wife Pilar Bigger were involved in a very messy, public and ugly divorce last year. Bigger was arrested on domestic violence charges after she and a friend attacked Sanders.  Before that, Bigger filed a $200 million dollar defamation suit against Deion’s daughter from a previous marriage when she tweeted that Pilar was a, “gold-digging (expletive).”

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, welcome home Yasko!

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