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Kordell Stewart Says Porsha Caused Her Own Financial Problems

Published by on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 10:31 am.

(Photo: AP Photo/Keith Srakocic, file)

In the ever-growing battle between Kordell Stewart and his soon-to-be ex wife Porsha, the NFL player has given his side of the story about Porsh’s financial woes. And he says that they are her own fault.

According to TMZ, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams filed court documents as part divorce proceedings with Kordell which claimed he locked her out of the home they shared together. She also claims he refused to locate her a new residence. As a result, she’s been forced to move in with her mother. In the documents, she asked a judged to force Kordell to help her financially. In response, Kordell has filed his own court documents which state that Porsha’s claims that he “locked her out,” while being absolutely untrue, is an attempt to “make herself more marketable in the media.”

To the accusations of locking Porsha out, Kordell explained he told her he was going to change the locks (for security purposes) days in advance and that if she needed to get in just give him advance notice. But to Porsha’s demands for extra cash, Kordell argues that, as a celebrity, she makes more than enough cash. But because of her own “financial negligence” she has would up broke and having to live with her mother. Kordell explains that Porsha uses her money for “grooming and clothing items” instead of paying her bills. As a result of Porsha mismanaging her finances, she had her condo foreclosed and failed to pay her taxes.

Wow, Kordell sounds like he’s got a solid argument for this duel with Porsh, who most definitely is a bankable TV star. If you’ve been left dry by the finale of the Kim K/ Kris Humphries divorce and are looking for more action, the Kordell/Porsha show looks like the next sure news catcher.

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