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Ray J Loses His Three Pound Dog

Published by on Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 8:37 am.

(Photos from left: Mark Davis/Getty Images, Ray J via Instagram)

A couple of weeks ago, Ray J recaptured the spotlight with his humorous sex tape with the legendary comedian Joan Rivers. This week Brandy’s brother is singing “Where, oh, where has my three pound dog gone?”

According to his manager, David Weintraub, the singer and reality TV star’s three pound Maltese puppy, named Boogotti, wandered out of his San Fernando home last night, and left his gated community. The pooch is less than a year old.

Even though it was pouring rain, Ray J, who was pretty distraught over his missing dog, spent most of the night searching for his pet. TMZ reports that, while Kim K.’s former boo had to work during the day, he’s looking to hire a bloodhound rescue team to go out locate Boogotti. God speed, Ray J. We’re all praying you find your furry companion.

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Khloe Kardashian Angered Over Joan Rivers Ray J Sex Tape Spoof

Published by on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 8:31 am.

(Photos from left: Dan Jackman/, KDNPIX)

The latest edition of Keeping Up With Kardashians should be titled Khloe’s Revenge. When Khloe Kardashian got wind of the spoof comedy sketch that Ray J and Joan Rivers did together, which lampooned Kim’s romp’s with Brandy’s little brother it really pissed off the woman formerly known as Mrs. Odom.

Rivers filmed the bit for her new season of her own reality show, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, but one of her other shows ended up suffering in the name of comedy. Khloe was scheduled to co-host Fashion Police on Wednesday, but when she got wind of the sketch poking fun of her sister, she pulled out at the last minute. Unfortunately for Rivers, Khloe’s last minute stunt put her show into a panic. They reportedly had to scramble to find a new host and re-do the script.

With the joke mileage Ms. Rivers has earned during her successful decades in showbiz, somehow we’re sure she’ll survive this snub.

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Halle Berry Turned Ray J Down

Published by on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 8:57 am.

(Photos from left: Brian To/, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Ray J, while known as a singer and a reality star, is also know as a celebrity ladies man. But there’s one celebrity heart he couldn’t capture: Halle Berry’s.

Appearing on the Wendy Williams Show, Brandy’s younger brother discussed the usual topic: Kim Kardashian. Specifically, he was asked about the famous sex tape the two made and whether he owned a copy to which the former For The Love of Ray J star said he didn’t. Then the topic turned to dating celebrities, which Ray says he is done with because: “It’s too much.”

Things got interesting, though, when Wendy inquired if he’d ever been turned down by a celebrity, and he said yeah: Halle Berry. “She probably doesn’t even remember because I was asking her questions on the red carpet,” he said. “This was maybe three, four years ago. I walked up to her and I just was like, ‘You’re so pretty, I just interviewed you, I’d love to take you out on a date’. All she did was go, ‘Ahh.’”

Had Halle said yes, would the world have been blessed with a Ray/Halle sex tape instead of one with Kim K? We’ll never know… because Ms. Berry was smart enough to just say no.

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Ray J Mocks Kim Kardashian’s Ironically Profound Tweet

Published by Natasha Fierce on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photos from left: Kat Goduco/PictureGroup, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Ray J just took Kim Kardashian all the way back to 2003, ironically over a tweet the reality vixen blasted out to put the past behind her.

It all started when KK decided to swim to the deep end of the pool, tweeting: “Keep your life in a positive perspective. We are not defined by our pasts.”

Later, Kim’s co-star in her breakthrough role, Ray J, RT’ed the quote and added his own commentary: “LOL!”

We would probably go as far as ROTFL, but well put, Ray J. Later, when Ray was questioned about the clearly-mocking retweet on radio station Power 106, he threw a few more logs in the fire.

“I felt like it was real, what [Kim Kardashian tweeted]. I kinda laughed about it, ’cause it was 100,” he said, we imagine as he tried his hardest to surpress his laughter. He then added some words of fake support to Kim and her new man Kanye West. “I wish ‘em the best. Life is a roller-coaster, so you never know what’s gonna happen. But I wish ‘em the best, much success to both of ‘em.”

It’s worth mentioning here that Ray came to blows with Fabolous last September over some off-the-cuff Twitter comments.

Perhaps realizing he can’t fight Yeezy and his entire white-gold-knuckled posse, Ray later clarified the tone of his statement. “I don’t want people to take [this] any kind of way,” he said. “I’m just havin’ fun.”

It’s hard not to read into Ray’s LOL after he basically took credit (rightly so) for creating the multi-million dollar brand that is Kim Kardashian today. In his Love, Sex and Hip Hop DVD, he dropped a less subliminal message: “I will put it like this, I don’t hang with stars, I create stars,” he said, adding, “Kim was created.”

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Ray J Was Rushed to Hospital by Sophie Munk

Published by Natasha Fierce on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 11:37 am.

(Photo:Judy Eddy/

Ray J better be calling 1-800-FLOWERS on Sophie Munk to thank her for calling 911 on him.

TMZ reports that the R&B star, who was rushed to the hospital on Monday following the Billboard Music Awards due to dehydration and exhaustion, owes his life to business partner Munk. The duo represent Prince Reigns In-Grown Hair Serum and were at jointly hosted a post-BMA’s party. But when Munk and Ray returned to their (separate) hotel rooms early Monday morning, Munk couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong with Ray.

She allegedly went back to his room to check on him, and found him collapsed and unresponsive on the floor. The blonde model then called hotel management to dial emergency, and an ambulance arrived shortly after.

Thankfully, Brandy’s bro was released from the hospital on Tuesday following extensive testing to make sure he didn’t have  a deadly blood clot in his lungs. Aaaand, back to work pimping skin products.

As TMZ points out, in-grown hairs probably saved Ray J’s life. Can Nair do that?

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Ray J Lands $1 Million Deal to Fight Stubble

Published by Natasha Fierce on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Adrian Sidney//PictureGroup)

We always knew he was smooth (stop laughing), and now Ray J is gonna get paid for it. The R&B singer just landed a deal to be the stubble-free face of Prince Reign’s shaving serum, worth a reported $1 million (seriously, stop laughing).

Ray’s rep won’t disclose details of the seven-figure deal, but we’re guessing it has to include an old videotape of himself giving Kim Kardashian a Prince Reign bikini wax. No other way to ’splain it.

See you around the drug store, J!

But seriously, I’ll be sticking to Nair.

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Ray J: Let Kim Kardashian Be Happy

Published by Runteldat on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages)

A wave of shade was thrown in the direction of Kim Kardashian over the weekend weekend in response to the reality star becoming Mrs. Kris Humphries on Saturday.

A select number of your friends seemed to be engorged with so much salt over Kim’s nuptials that they could’ve given half the hemisphere a stroke.  Why? Well, it seems some folks just can’t seem to get over that sex tape she made with Ray J more than four years ago.

That kind of resentment is why ridiculous rumors like one concerning Kim and one of her ex-boyfriends were so easily believed.  Radar Online reported that Ray told Kim via text, “And to think you really have me to thank for all this ;-)

Of course, that makes not a lick of sense. Regardless of what many of you think, yes, that sex tape boosted Kardashian’s name but that fame train was going to run no matter what.

Well, it appears that Ray J has no hard feelings towards Kim and didn’t want to join in on the insults.  Ray tweeted, “Damn everybody leave Kim alone!! Let her be happy!! Stop hittin me wit all this BS!!”

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Ray J Clarifies Views On Nicki Minaj & Lil’ Kim

Published by Runteldat on Friday, December 10, 2010 at 11:50 am.

In an interview with Power 105.1 FM’s new morning show, “The Breakfast Club,” Ray J clarified past comments he made in reference to the beef between Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj.

Ray J took the stage earlier this year with Kimberly and not so subliminally called out Nicki for being an alleged copycat.

But while speaking to Charlamagne The God, Ray denied starting the beef and then leaving Kim stranded.

He said:

“I’m reaching out to the whole world….to the whole hip hop community because that’s just how I felt at the time. Never once did I mention anybody. That’s what you do in hip hop, you throw it out there, you have a little friendly competition…it is what it is.”

It appears he’s had a bit of a change of heart on Nicki thanks to his sister, Brandy:

“I like Nicki Minaj. I don’t [have her album] but my sister is like the number one Nicki Minaj fan.”

When asked who’s the better rapper, Lil’ Kim or Nicki Minaj, Ray said:

“I got to pay my respects to Kim and truly say after listening to a lot of the stuff Nicki has done, I’m very impressed. I’m very impressed. From how I felt in the beginning until now…night and day…I love what she’s doing and I can be a man and just say at first I was cool, it was alright then it started getting better, now it’s just really on point.”

Here’s Ray in his own words:


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Get Your Girl, Laurence Fishburne!

Published by Dior Noir on Friday, July 30, 2010 at 2:00 pm.

Laurence Fishburne’s 19-year-old daughter is reportedly getting into some new film roles, but probably not the type that dad would be proud of.

New York Daily News reports that Montana Fishburne is starring in a triple-X porno flick for Vivid Entertainment, the same company that distributed Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s sex tape.

“I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape by Vivid,” Montana said in a press release. “I’m hoping the same magic will work for me. I’m impatient about getting well-known and having more opportunities and this seemed like a great way to get started on it.”

True, Kim Kardashian’s sex tape put her on the map and helped boost her celebrity, which in turn probably opened up a lot of doors for business opportunities for her and her family; but it’s a sad day when teenagers are using that as a career path. Surely Larry could use his connections to help Montana find legit work.  Meanwhile, the sex tape will be released in August.

Do you think Montana will find the fame she’s looking for?


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Brandy & Ray-J Talk Kim Kardashian, Flo’Rida

Published by Runteldat on Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 12:00 am.


Brandy and Ray J hit up The George Lopez Show the other night to talk about their upcoming reality series.

Before the two started to chat about the show, George Lopez asked Ray J about his most famous ex-girlfriend. When asked if there’s any chance of reconciliation between he and Kim Kardashian now that she’s no longer with Reggie Bush (until the next season of her show anyway), Ray J didn’t even get the chance to answer as his big sister answered for him.

Brandy said (with a smile), “Absolutely not!”

Soon after, Ray J confirmed Brandy’s declaration.

As for who Brandy is or isn’t dating, George inquired about her relationship with Flo’Rida. Although it’s been reported that the two are dating and they’ve since been photographed together several times Brandy would only refer to him as a “good friend” before talking about how she likes to keep her private life just that.

You can check out the rest of the interview below where the two talk about their relationship and the new show.

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