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Rob Kardashian Sued For Robbery and Assault

Published by on Friday, May 3, 2013 at 1:16 pm.

(Photo: David Tonnessen /

Kim K’s brother has landed himself in a bit of paparazzi trouble. Rob Kardashian has been sued for allegedly assaulting a photog and stealing her camera equipment.

The incident went down at a West Hollywood gym when the photographer, Andra Vaik snapped some topless pics of Kardashian, which resulted in Rob snatching the memory card out of her camera. For those not in the know, the brother Kardashian is currently devoted to a new weight-loss and gym program.

Vaik filed a robbery report last month for her stolen property, but Rob says he wilded out because the paparazzo trespassed onto private property to snap the photos. Witnesses back up Rob K’s claims and say the photog stayed in the garage, hid in her car and went after Kardashian when he went shirtless.

Reps for Vaik say, “…Robert Kardashian’s violent behavior and his use of force towards Ms. Vaik was completely unjustified.”

Hmm, sounds like someone is itching for an easy, undeserved payday.

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Did Rob Kardashian Trash His Former Girlfriend on Twitter?

Published by on Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photos from left: Mike Marsland/WireImage, Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Macy's)

Could Rob Kardashian be throwing social media daggers at his former girlfriend Rita Ora on Twitter? Well, for now he’s denying the speculation.

Rumblings about the supposed diss happened on Monday — Rob tweeted: “She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together, I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we apart? But I mean 20?!!!”

Afterward, when social media became abuzz with gossip that the message referred to his 22-year-old former sweetheart, he abruptly deleted the note.  On Tuesday, Rob attempted to put down the conjecture that he was referring to his old girl, whom he was rumored to have dated for a few months before the two went their separate ways.

“Just so we clear,” he tweeted, “I never once mentioned ‘Rita Ora’ in any of my tweets or even used the word ‘whore’ and I never would. I Respect Women.”  That may be so, Rob. But, next time, simply think before you tweet.

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Totally Implausible Couple Alert: Rihanna and Rob Kardashian

Published by Natasha Fierce on Monday, August 27, 2012 at 11:00 am.

(Photos from left: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)

Celebrities often complain about sparking dating rumors every time they’re photographed with someone from the opposite sex.  Our favorite party girl, who has been “photographed” in recent months with Ashton Kutcher, J.R. Smith, Chris Brown, Drake, Meek Mill, NFL player Darren McFadden, Rob Pattinson and others, has a new flavor-of-the-nanosecond: Rob Kardashian.

The pair were spotted go-carting in Los Angeles over the weekend and then hitting up Playhouse nightclub after hours. Before you put them on couple watch, keep in mind that the two were with a group of pals, including Lauren London and — you guessed it — Chris Brown. Though, E! News is naive enough to report that Brown “didn’t join Rob & Ri-Ri’s party.” Uh-huh. If you believe that, Bernie Madoff has a business idea for you.

Just to thicken the soup, let’s not forget that Rob is already reportedly dating Rihanna v2.o, British popstress Rita Ora. Wonder how she feels about her man spending time with the reigning queen of red lipstick?

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Really, Is Kim Kardashian’s Brother Wrong for Shacking Up With Reggie Bush’s Ex

Published by on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 11:28 am.

(Photos from left: Adrian Sidney/PictureGroup, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

In Kardashian news, word is that Kim is furious at her brother for his wrong-headed choice in a girlfriend.

According to MediaTakeout, the newly-married reality star is extremely tight-jawed that Rob has moved in with Dollicia Bryan, the ex-love thang of Kim’s ex-beau Reggie Bush, into his Beverly Hills condo.

The problem? Allegedly Bryan was the woman-on-the-side Reggie was seeing while he was dating Kim.

But that’s Hollywood for you. Even a very lavish and highly-publicized wedding can’t shield you from the incestuous nature of celebrity dating. And in the realm of reality fame, jump-offs are included in the machine. Better yet, you can’t help who your family will love in an effort to piss you off.

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Are Angela & Rob Looking For A Reality Show?

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 11:50 am.

Although Angela Simmons has already denied it, people continue to speculate that she is dating Rob Kardashian.

If she really is there’s a rumor floating around as to why that is: A reality show.

A Kardashian looking for a reality show is about as shocking as news about the color of the sky so for that reason alone I’ll give Media Take Out the benefit of the doubt.

The rumor goes:

You could see this coming a MILE AWAY. A very well known TV producer tells us that a new reality show is in the works – starring Robert Kardashian and Angela Simmons.

According to our insider Rob’s MOM-AGER has been pitching the idea through Ryan Seacrest’s production company. And that the E! execs are “very interested” in picking it up.

So what’s the show going to be about? “Their relationship” the insider told, “”which is 100 percent STAGED.”

GEEZ LOUISE!! We knew that these Kardashian’s would do ANYTHING for the fame . . . but ANGELA . . .what is up with that?????

Yeah, I’m bored by their pictures so I can only imagine the nap I’d get from the show. Let’s hope that this is just a rumor and Angela’s right about them just being friends.


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RUMOR: Angela Simmons and Rob Kardashian an Item?

Published by Dior Noir on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 3:00 pm.


Rumors just had Angela Simmons linked to Bow Wow, now the word is Rev Run’s daughter is linked to the Kardashians’ baby brother Rob (who’s also always linked to a new beau every other month).

Angela was spotted partying with Rob for his birthday last weekend at Jet Nightclub in Vegas,  and even joined him for dinner, sitting next to him at Mirage’s Stack. Innocent enough, but the couple chatter spawned from a alleged invite to the festivities that read: “Rob Kardashian, Kim Kardashian’s little brother, is going public with his new romance by showing girlfriend Angela Simmons off at his 23rd birthday in Las Vegas on Friday night (12Mar10).”  Remember when Angela told fans she’s not afraid to try “something new”? Wouldn’t be suprised if she gave dating Rob a go, although unless they’re both playing a mean game of denial that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Both of them took to Twitter to address the rumors:

Rob said: “Media is crazy… I am not dating @AngelaSimmons or @V_Simmons… They are both people who I Respect. Real Family. Good people.”

While Angela said: “I love how the media knows my life betta then me ;) lol @ rumors.”

When People magazine asked Rob who would be the next Kardashian walking down the aisle, forget Kim and Reggie or Kourtney and Scott (even though they just had a baby), Rob said, “I guarantee it’ll be me.” So either the 22-year-old has little faith that his sisters’ beaus are ever going to put a ring on it, or he’s got his eyes open for Mrs. Right. 

Even though these two crazy kids are denying it, wouldn’t they be a match made in reality TV heaven?  


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