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Royce Reed Wants Ex Dwight Howard to Pay Her Legal Fees in Custody Battle

Published by Natasha Fierce on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 8:41 am.

(Photos from left: Brad Barket/PictureGroup, Orlando Sentinel/MCT /Landov)

We’ve seen our beloved Basketball Wives cast members make some audacious requests and throw a tantrum or two, but Royce Reed is taking it to a new level. The reality star is asking her ex and baby daddy Dwight Howard to pay her to take him to court over custody of their son.

Heard that? Reed wants Howard to pay the bills for the lawyer who is supposed to tear him to shreds in court. But at least she has a good reason for the bold demand: “We will never struggle… Period! Braylon will always have the best! That’s what I fight for!” she tweeted yesterday.

Talk about feeding the hand that wants to bite you!

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Shaunie O’Neal Claims She Wasn’t Behind “Basketball Wives” Firings

Published by Natasha Fierce on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Courtesy VH1)

Shaunie O’Neal is denying she had anything to do with pink-slipping Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams and Kesha Nichols from Basketball Wives.

Sources close to Shaunie are telling TMZ that the BBW creator was “blind-sided” by the news and that the production company “leaves her in the dark about everything.” So much so, that she’s considering walking away from her executive producer contract.

Wow. That means our girl Shaunie must be telepathic or psychic or something, because she announced the news of the firings a full three days before they actually happened!

The source goes on to say that Shaunie wants Shed Media, the production company behind BBW, to know she is “this close” to storming away from the whole damn franchise if it “becomes something she no longer believes in.”

Well, Basketball Wives seems to have pretty much hit rock-bottom already and Shaunie’s still around, so we’re guessing she’s gonna stay put and collect her fat fee.

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Dwight Howard’s Ex Desperate to Talk Trash

Published by Natasha Fierce on Monday, April 16, 2012 at 8:44 am.

(Photos from left: Brad Barket/PictureGroup, Orlando Sentinel/MCT /Landov)

Royce Reed knows what pays the bills. The Basketball Wives star has asked a judge to lift a court-ordered gag demanding she refrain from talking ish about her ex, Dwight Howard.

Reed agreed to the gag in 2009, in a bid to end her bitter custody dispute with the Orlando Magic big man, but has had a change of heart according to TMZ.

Reed wants to discuss Howard’s “sketchy” mental state and alleged drug use, and we’re guessing she wants to do it on camera.

A judge has yet to rule on the request, but this can’t be good news for the NBA star, who’s already suffering a season-ending injury and waning popularity amongst fans. See what happens when you low-ball those child support payments?

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Dwight Howard Sues Royce Reed For $500 Million

Published by Runteldat on Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 3:00 pm.

In boy, grow up news, Dwight Howard has filed suit against reality TV star and his baby mama/personal nightmare, Royce Reed.

According to TMZ, legal documents filed by Howard in Orange County, Florida claim that Royce leaked information about the Orlando Magic star at least 11 times. According to Howard’s lawyers, that’s a violation of a 2009 gag order placed on Royce. So now he wants $500,000,000 from her.

Where’s a trap door when you need one?

A rep for Royce said that the info that’s surfaced online comes from legal documents, and thus “immune to any agreement made by the parties.”

Dwight is pretty darn bold. Not only did he silence her by way of expensive lawyers and lawsuits last year, he would later go on her reality show and hang with cast mates who talked about her much of the season. A show she can’t even legally talk about him on.

One day Dwight Howard’s son is going to read about all of this and ask why he was giving his mom so much trouble every other week. Can someone find these two a grief counselor already?


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Dwight Howard Got Cops Called On Him Over Baby Mama Drama

Published by Dior Noir on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 3:00 pm.

This week’s episode of baby mama drama is brought to you by Dwight Howard and Royce Reed.

The two have had their share of legal spats –including an ongoing custody battle over their two year old son–which probably didn’t help when Royce found out that Dwight picked up their son on a day she claimed their custody agreement didn’t allow him too. TMZ heard Royce ”flipped out” and then called the cops on Dwight. 

Dwight explained to the cops that he and his ex made a new agreement giving him the right to cart his kid away that day, but since it wasn’t in writing, he was ordered to return the boy to the daycare.

A spokesperson for Royce said the boy “was seriously traumatized by the unlawful actions of Dwight and his staff, and Royce will rely upon the Courts to prevent future incidents from occurring.”

Damn most of these sports baby mama’s have beef because the fathers aren’t taking care of the kids, not because they actually try to do dad like things–like picking their own child up from school.

Do you think Royce Reed blew the situation out of proportion?


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Was Royce Reed’s Twitter Really Hacked?

Published by Runteldat on Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 11:00 am.


A new day, a new Twitter drama.

This time it involves noted drama queen, Royce Reed. The controversial ex-girlfriend, eternal baby mama of Dwight Howard and current star of Basketball Wives claims her Twitter account was hacked.

For her sake, I hope she can prove that because last time I checked Dwight pulled the legal clap back on her and barred her from even thinking about saying his name publicly.

And what a coincidence that all of her hacked tweets concern him.

Read it and weep for her legal team via Necole Bitchie:

lets get some shit straight. royce on here pretending like she aint scared of superman. that n*gga used to beat her a**. what fool you 4 minutes ago via web

know dont talk about his child ever on his timeline and dont want his baby momma posting pictures on her n*gs and my females stay 3 minutes ago via web

puttin up pics of they kids. @mattbarnes_22 stay talkin bout his twins and @rashard_lewis main picture was him and his daughter. this b*tch 3 minutes ago via web

royce trying to pretend like things aint messy when this n*gga done threatened her life and made her buy baby clothes and toys cause it aint 2 minutes ago via web

a good look for him lets keep it real since you all on here saying royce the realest. why the f*ck u sign an injunction then let 2 minutes ago via web

his people pretend like you were forced nah b*tch you scared. i cant stand a weak woman. speak the f*ck up. Dwight f*ckin howard 2 minutes ago via web

like you was working it out with her then slept around with 30 p*ssies in a year and got gonnorea twice. ya n*gga. I know you. 1 minute ago via web

Hoooowaaarrrdddd. What you got to hide? Got this chick and your child beggin you to be with your kid. admit you was lying acting 1 minute ago via web

You laughed at that sh*t at yo house. Thats why i dont do yo dirty ass no mo. You fake image having n*gga. less than a minute ago via web

Anything for attention.


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Is Royce Reed Out of the NBA Girls Club?

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 11:50 am.


Her mouth has already spurred a lawsuit from the father of her child and now the antics of Dwight Howard’s baby mama, Royce Reed, may have her on the outs with Shaquille O’Neal’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neal.

Earlier in the week video footage of Reed participating in a “How Low” contest with Ludacris for Clipper tickets (aim higher, people) made its way around the Web and apparently once Shaunie caught glimpse of it she was just about done with Dwight’s ex.

Gossip Jacker has more details on this rumor:

Well I think Ms Royce lost her Mentor -Ms Shaunie Oneal this weekend..Shaunie is outraged that she acted the way she did in Miami..She put her on blast in front of the other Gf’s and Wives and kindly told her , THIS IS NOT THE WAY you DO IT !…

She told a mutual friend over a glass of wine and salmon ” I guess you never know a person until, you know a person.”

Get ready for Ms Royce to have a nervous break down because her pass to the NBA wags access maybe declined ..And yes she will be around for the show still,But she WILL not be invited to Ms Shaunie little LA girly events anymore ..

Let that be a lesson to you: If there’s a Flip camera around, don’t twirk like that if it’s going to cost you.


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