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Samuel L. Jackson: Did He or Did He Not Drop the F-Bomb on “SNL”?

Published by on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

After his controversial appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, Samuel L. Jackson has managed to spark the latest debate regarding TV: Did he or did he not drop the F-bomb?

The back-and-forth stems from the actors cameo on Kenan Thompson’s popular mock talk show “What’s Up With That?” Jackson nearly dropped the F-bomb when he pretended to be irked after getting interrupted by Thompson saying something which sounded very much like the F-word. He also said, very quickly, the words behind the abbreviation b.s.

Regarding the F-bomb, Thompson caught Jackson before he got the word completely out, saying to the Django Unchained star: “C’mon, Sam. That costs money!”

Shortly after the skit was done, Jackson took to Twitter trying to explain the gaff. “I only said FUH,” he insisted, adding that Thompson was supposed to cut him off when he got to the b.s. part, but “blew it!!”

Oh, Sam. It doesn’t matter whether you dropped the f-bizzle or not all that mattered was that we laughed our butts off… mission accomplished. Now, what the FCC thought about the matter, that’s another issue.

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Samuel L. Jackson’s Weekend Spent Twittering Olympic Pay-by-Play

Published by on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images For BET)

NBC should give Samuel L. Jackson a check as a social media commentator.

The Avengers star spent the weekend diligently watching the London Olympics and speedily tweeting his observations and thoughts.

Along with checking out the handball, gymnastics, swimming and archery events, Jackson shot off his opinions and a little thrash talk, complaining that the US “got boned” in sync diving scoring and commenting on Michael Phelps’ loss to Ryan Lochte.

He also joined in the deluge of complaints over the China-manufactured American uniforms.

For all the micro-blogging the actor did, he should be getting paid by the post. If he’s not, he should get a “thank you” note from Twitter.

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Sam’s The Man

Published by Carrie Blackshaw on Wednesday, August 20, 2008 at 2:46 pm.

Michelle Obama heads to Hollywood next month to pass the collection plate for her
presidential hopeful hubby. One of the fundraising stops is said to be at the home
of Samuel L. Jackson.

Wilshire & Washington
reports that Michelle will headline an event at
Sam’s home on Sept. 3.

This is the first time Sam has endorsed a political candidate after admitting to
ambivalence in recent presidential elections. He was on hand for a Barack fundraiser,
where top tickets cost more than $30,000, in Los Angeles in June. And earlier this
year, rather than head back to La La Land to be a presenter at the Academy Awards,
Sam opted to travel from Shreveport, Louisiana, where he filmed Soul Men
with Bernie Mac, to three cities in East Texas to drum up support for Barack earlier
this year.

“We need a new face in the world,” Sam told
at the time. “We need somebody that the world relates to
in a very real kind of way. The face of America was and is this white guy…standing
there telling people we’re Americans and you better bow down to us…and
the world is not kind of hearing that anymore.”

Sam has also been quoted as saying, “Barack Obama represents everything I
was told I could be growing up. I am a child of segregation. When I grew up and
people told me I could be president, I knew it was a lie. But now we have a representative…
the American Dream is a reality. Anyone can grow up to be a president.”

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Thousands Turn Out For Bernie Mac Farewell

Published by Carrie Blackshaw on Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 3:09 pm.

Bernie’s widow Rhonda is comforted in front of poster of him at memorial

height="277" /> alt="Bernie Mac waves" />

Leave it to Cedric “The Entertainer” to get the estimated crowd of 7,000
to laugh at the beginning of a touching public memorial for comedian/actor Bernie
Mac Saturday in Chicago.

“This dude is a very, very popular guy,”
Cedric told the throng of fans, actors and dignitaries gathered at the House of
Hope on the South Side, according to the
Chicago Tribune
. “You know y’all were like, ‘Let me get
four tickets to the funeral!’ He’s still the hottest ticket in town!”

Some people slept outside the church to guarantee a place inside. Others began arriving
about 7:45 a.m., nearly four hours before the service, which lasted nearly four
hours and was described by the Tribune as “part late-night Saturday
comedy show, part early morning Sunday church service.”

Bernie, a native of Chicago, died from complications from pneumonia at the age of
50 on Aug. 9. Cedric, D.L. Hughley and Steve Harvey, the three remaining stars of
the 2000 documentary The Original Kings of Comedy, took the stage together.

D.L. recalled that he and the others eagerly awaited Bernie’s stage attire each
night. He said: “Bernie would wear colors that crayons hadn’t even thought of yet.”

Steve appeared solemn one moment—”You tell jokes for a living, you dig? Sometimes
it’s just not funny”—and in another he would unleash hilarious tales
about working with Bernie. He told how Bernie, formidable at 6-foot-3 and built
like a football player, would pat the guys on their butts to encourage them before
performances.”But Bernie was heavy-handed. He had real strong hands, and they
were cupped all like this,” Steve said, demonstrating Bernie’s hands
while the audience howled in laughter.

“Bernie always said that he walked alone. I don’t think that he was
alone. I think he was walking with Jesus. I’ll see you soon, Bernie,”
Harvey said, looking upward, then with perfect timing: “Well, I don’t
want to see you too soon.”

Also on hand: Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, Salli Richardson, Chris Rock, Tom
Joyner, Jeremy Suarez, Kellita Smith, basketball player Juwan Howard, producer and
writer Ali LeRoi, comedians Mike Collier, Bruce Bruce and George Wallace, Chicago
Mayor Richard Daley and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

The Mayor recalled that Bernie was in his office recently asking how he could help
fight violent crime in the city.

”He wanted to help get children away from a life of crime and violence,”
he said. ”That’s why he’s the king of comedy. He never lost his
soul in Chicago.”

Those not in attendance—such as Oprah Winfrey, Sen. Barack Obama, Maxine Waters,
the O’Jays and actor Andy Garcia—sent notes that were read at the ceremony.

“Michelle and I were so deeply sad to hear about your loss. . . . He . . .
[made] us laugh and laugh hard,” Barack’s statement read. Bernie caught
flak recently when he joked about menopause, sexual infidelity and promiscuity at
a July fundraiser for the presidential hopeful.

During Saturday’s service, Barack went on to write that Bernie could say things
others couldn’t. “Bernie Mac will be sorely missed,” he wrote.

Others not in attendance sent condolences to Bernie’s widow, Rhonda (pictured
above), and daughter, Je’niece Childress, who attended the service.

Bernie’s beloved Chicago White Sox organization presented Rhonda with a No.
1 jersey bearing his name. The service also included a tribute from Rachelle Ferrell,
Bernie’s favorite singer, and a video tribute to Bernie and Isaac Hayes, who
also died last weekend. Sam, who stars with Bernie and Isaac in the upcoming flick
Soul Men, scheduled for a Nov. 15 release, recalled how he and Bernie talked
about the loss of privacy when a person becomes famous. Samuel said that although
he gets bothered by fans coming up and invading his space, it never bothered Bernie.

“He never lost being that kid from Chicago who wanted to make you laugh. He
never said, ‘Back off,’ Sam said, then, drawing laughter: “I don’t
have a problem with doing that.”

Sam also talked about working with Bernie on Soul Men.

“It was a real joy. I knew he was having some health issues, and I was concerned,”
he said. “But he would say, ‘I’m good. Let’s hit it.’

Bernie had been hospitalized at Northwestern Memorial Hospital since mid-July. A
few years ago, he disclosed that he suffered from sarcoidosis, a rare autoimmune
disease that causes inflammation in tissue, most often in the lungs.

The family requests that donations be made at
, which aims to find a cure for sarcoidosis.

To view photos from the memorial, click

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