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Janet Hubert (the Original Aunt Viv) Wants to Make Amends with Will Smith

Published by on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: NBC)

Janet Hubert may not be looking to become chummy with Wendy Williams any time soon, but there is one nemesis from her past she wants to end the beef with: Will Smith. The actress who played the original Aunt Vivian on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, expressed her desire to end her 20-year-old feud with the Hollywood heavyweight. She even said she would be down to participate in a cast reunion.

Following three seasons of starring on the groundbreaking sitcom, Hubert quit the show in 1993, only to be replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid. No definite reason was given for her departure. While said it was over her salary and an “episode count dispute,” Smith has maintained that it was because Hubert had a bad attitude on set. As a result, Smith has said, she was dismissed. And thus, the two had bad blood since.

But in an interview with, Hubert said she wants to reconcile. “We need to heal this,” Hubert said. What words would she use to begin the healing? “You’ve done some things, you’ve said some things, that were totally untrue and you know that they were untrue,” she added. “I’ve said some things that I probably should have never said. … I don’t want to do another 21 years like this. Do you?”

Though the offer of healing old wounds is a nice gesture on Aunt Viv’s part, the only problem will be seeing if Will Smith still gives a hoot about the issue. Given the 21-year-old silence on his part and the gazillions he’s made as a Hollywood power player, it’s hard to think he’s pressed to even give a response.

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The Former Mrs. Keenan Ivory Wayans Joins the Cast of Hollywood Exes

Published by Natasha Fierce on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 11:00 am.

(Photo: Robert Mora/Getty Images)

Hollywood Exes sounds like the worst thing that’s happened to divorced celebrities since community property.

The VH1 series, which already stars the ex-wives of Will Smith, Prince, Jose Canseco, Eddie Murphy and R. Kelly, just added Daphne Wayans to it’s cast. Daphne is the ex-wife of In Living Color creator Keenan Ivory Wayans, who famously dumped her in 2004 by removing all of her belongings from their house and cutting off the electricity.

Well, surprise surprise, Keenan. Daphne’s ready to get hers and spill all the ugly details on national television. TMZ reports the former Mrs. KIW has already been seen out and about with her new co-stars and the ladies are getting along famously. The timing of this is interesting, considering Keenan’s reboot of In Living Color is also set to premiere this fall. Surely Daphne has some juicy stories to tell about the Fly Girls?

There are also rumors that Babyface’s ex Tracey Edmonds and Sandra “Pepa” Denton will also be joining Hollywood Exes, though it’s hard to understand why. Those ladies have their own fortunes, not just alimony, to live off of, so why expose your personal life on TV?

Wait, we think we just answered our own question.

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Will Smith: Willow Can Date…When She’s Forty

Published by Natasha Fierce on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: BJJ/FameFlynet Pictures)

Will Smith barely breaks a sweat when it comes to fighting aliens, but he can’t control his only daughter.

The Men in Black 3 star tells he’s “freaking out” about daughter Willow Smith, 11, dating. “It’s coming, and I’m nervous about it,” he says. “Having two boys and a girl, I realize that boys take trouble to other people’s houses, and girls bring it home.”

“So, the thing we are struggling with is the rules,” he says, “and setting fair rules for the boys and for Willow, but she’s not having any of that.”

But if Big Willie has it his way, none of this will matter for at least another twenty or thirty years (coincidentally around the same time we can expect Men in Black 4). “When Willow does bring a boy home, I’m going to screen him and find out everything about him,” he vows. “And that’s going to happen when she’s 40, when she’s allowed to go on dates!”

For a pimply-faced boy, we know Will Smith at the front door holding a prop AK-47 is a scary thought, but we’d be more worried about Willow’s mom Jada and her guns.

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Will Smith: I’m the “Natural Choice” to Play Obama

Published by Natasha Fierce on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 9:30 am.

(Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Pop quiz: what’s bigger, Will Smith’s ears, or his ego?

Kidding, kidding. But the Men in Black 3 star does seem to think he has dibs on the most coveted film role for every middle-aged Black actor working today: playing President Barack Obama.

Smith told BBC News that he’s the “natural choice” to play the POTUS, crediting his most distinct feature. “It’s about the ears, that’s the thing,” he said on Monday. “People see the ears and Barack and I both have the ears, so I’m the most natural choice,” Smith continued.

Can’t hurt that he’s on a first name basis with President Obama either.

Ears aside, we will admit there are plenty of similarities between the leader of the free world and the king of Hollywood. They’re both married to fierce women who can easily kick their behinds, they both protected America from terrorists (Smith in Independence Day, Obama in, well, real life), and they’re both on George Clooney’s speed dial.

But Smith says the would-be biopic is still in development. “I told [Obama] jokingly, ‘It’s definitely something I would consider, you just have to write the ending.’ So he’s working on the ending right now.”

In the mean time, you can catch Smith, and his ears, in Men in Black 3 starting this weekend.

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Kiss and Tell: VH1 Announces “Hollywood Exes” Show

Published by Natasha Fierce on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 10:00 am.

(Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

They say no one knows what goes on behind bedroom doors…until now. VH1 has enlisted the ex-wives of Eddie Murphy, Jose Canseco, Will Smith, Prince and R. Kelly (!) to star in a new reality show, Hollywood Exes.

The hour-long series will premiere this summer, meaning the PR machines of the aforementioned stars are probably in overdrive running damage control.

“These extraordinarily strong women adjusted to and endured a lot while their ex-spouses won fame and fortune defining pop culture,” said Jeff Olde, Executive VP of original programming and production at VH1.

“Now these women must reinvent themselves again, stepping out of the long shadows cast by their famous husbands and supporting each other as they define the next stage of their lives – this time on their own terms,” he added.

In other words, they’ll be milking the last few drops of fame they can get from their famous exes. Not that we’re complaining–we haven’t been this excited for a new show since TLC announced Preacher Wives.

Just another reason to stay on the couch this summer.

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Police Dragged into “Basketball Wives” Fight On-Set

Published by Dior Noir on Monday, January 30, 2012 at 9:56 am.

(Photo: Johnny Louis/

The Basketball Wives are no shortage of drama but it got so ridiculous recently that the police had to break it up.  Show insiders just spilled to TMZ that last Saturday, when the girls were at the Gulf Stream Race Track in Hallandale, FL, Nia Crooks called out Jennifer Williams and told her everyone thinks she’s gotten “too big for her britches.” That didn’t bode well with Jennifer and sources say things got physical Nia, who was once friends with Jennifer,  allegedly pushed her in the face.

Police security from the production company came to intervene. Jennifer filed a report and said she was “intentionally struck by Crooks with an open hand to the left side of her face.” Sources say the guards had to grab Evelyn to keep her from jumping Jennifer!

According to Jennifer, the whole thing was caught on tape.

In other VH1 news: Will Smith and Eddie Murphy’s ex-wives are reportedly slated to join forces for a new show titled Ex ListNicole Murphy is currently engaged to NFL commentator Michael Strahan and has been in the news for financial troubles after she claims she was swindled out of seven million dollars from a former manager.  Will Smith and his first wife, Sheree,  share a 19 year-old, Trey Smith. Since they divorced in 1995, Sheree married Terrell Fletcher, a former running back for the San Diego Chargers who currently serves as pastor and founder of the City of Hope International Church in San Diego, and changed her name again to Sheree Fletcher.

Will you tune in?

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Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Kids’ Fame Allegedly at Root of Summer Marriage Troubles

Published by Dior Noir on Monday, December 19, 2011 at 3:21 pm.

(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)Remember all those rumors that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were headed for splits-ville this summer?  Well they might not be entirely false: rumor has it that the couple of 14 years were eying a divorce because they couldn’t agree on what direction to steer Jaden and Willow’s careers.

Insiders have told TMZ that Will wanted the kids to push forward to “full-blown stardom,” while mama Jada wanted them to ease into the industry.Over the summer author Terry McMillian notably commented that she felt like they were exploiting their kids….who knew that the kids’ careers were such a point of dissension in the relationship!?

Luckily the kids are all right (Willow’s album is due April 3) and the Hollywood power couple is said to be doing “wonderful” these days (even though they always maintained the marriage was in tact).  Good to see they got through the alleged rough patch!

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Author Terry McMillan: ‘The Smith Children Are Being Pimped and Exploited’

Published by Dior Noir on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 3:00 pm.

I have to give it up to Terry McMillan: her Twitter page (@MsTerryMcMillan) never lacks interesting insights or opinions. After news broke earlier this week that Willow Smith will star in a remake of the musical Annie, produced by Will Smith and Jay-Z, the Waiting to Exhale author fired off a series of Tweets that went IN on the budding starlet and her brother Jaden Smith. She said they’re being ”pimped” and “exploited.” McMillian has since issued an apology for using those choice words, although she didn’t quite retract her original opinion.

Take a look at her two cents on the up and coming child stars:

The Smith children already act like child stars. There’s an arrogance in their demeanor and behavior. I find it incredibly sad. It feels like the Smith children are being pimped and exploited. Or, they’re already hungry for fame. What about 4th grade?

A lot of A-list movie stars shielded their children from the Hollywood-world until they were old enough to decide. Look at those who didn’t.

Look at Lindsay. Phoenix. To name but a few. They miss out on childhood. It’s more important than fame. These kids don’t already know what they “love”. Total bullshit. They’re not prodigies. They think Hollywood is real.

Why don’t they do a remake of The Little Rascals and call it a day? Or, come up with an original film with some ethnic pride. Come on. Okay. I’ve said enough about the Smith children. I’m not debating about them. It’s just my opinion. People can justify anything, though.

In 4th grade my son came home complaining that the kids in his school said I was famous and rich. I told him that was not true. That some of my books were popular but not everybody liked them. That we could afford a vacation. “Oh” he said, and went back & repeated it. I wanted him to think of me as his mother. He didn’t read any of my novels until he was 15. He only read 26 pages. Was bored

Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody. I raised my son. I’m not wasting another minute worrying about how Will & Jada are raising their kids.

A lot of things can steal your soul. Especially when you’re not looking.

P.S. I loved the Karate Kid.

There’s been a lot of different criticisms of how Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are helping their children navigate through the entertainment industry. Some folks feel like the kid’s images are “too grown.” There was a loud outcry when Willow admitted she was behind her peers in math and said “I never really get to go to school because I am always on tour, or with my father.” But despite the flak, there’s a large audience who loves what each child star is bringing to the game, especially at a time where older artists have the ears and eyes of young children.

Do you agree with Terry McMillan’s opinion?

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Will Smith Won’t Let Haters Get Willow Down

Published by Dior Noir on Monday, October 25, 2010 at 3:00 pm.

Look at that face! I don’t know how anyone can throw shade on 9-year-old Willow Smith who’s been getting more buzz from her style and first single “Whip My Hair” than artist twice her age but take a look at the comment section on any blog or article about the budding entertainer and you’ll see people tearing her apart from her wardrobe to her vocal abilities and some even say she’s acting “too grown.” To shield her from the hate, the budding singer’s father Will Smith has banned her from reading reviews from the critics.  

 Willow told Access Hollywood:

“Whenever I’m on YouTube trying to look at my song to show my friends, he’s like covering the comments and I’m like, ‘Dad, what’s wrong?’ And he’s like, ‘Nothing, it’s just there’s people out there who really don’t like it.”

Even without the filter Willow seems to have a heaping dose of self confidence on her own. She sings: ”Don’t let haters keep me off my grind/Keep my head up I know I’ll be fine/Keep fighting until I get there.” 

That’s right little mama: whip those haters with that hair!

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Will Smith for President?

Published by Dior Noir on Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 3:00 pm.


If anyone ever makes a movie about President Barack Obama I’m almost sure they’d try to cast Will Smith to play the role (it’s all in the ears!) but I would’ve never guessed that the former Fresh Prince is actually thinking about gunning for the President’s job!

Will’s other half, wife Jada Pinkett Smith, has revealed that he is seriously considering  swapping out his career on the big screen for a political life.

“Will is thinking about going into politics,” Jada Pinkett Smith told reporters. “He once said he could imagine becoming a US president. He wasn’t joking; he was quite serious about it. Will and I want to leave traces on this planet – and with that I mean more important traces than just films.”

I don’t know about President anytime soon,  but if Arnold Schwarzenegger can nail a Governor title (still laughing at California for that one) surely there’s some room somewhere in the political arena for Will.

Would Will Smith get your vote?


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