Almost Perfect … Where’s Solange?

October 29th, 2008

I love their prom shoes

Awwww. Warm fuzzies.


Is Momma Knowles looking more Sasha Fierce than B?

Beyonce, Tina Knowles 

It’s the new hair. While Momma Knowles’ wig is intact, big sis is looking like she’s in need of a touch up. Don’t you agree?

Now, go get your House of Dereon – on. They’ve upgraded their frocks in Bloomies.

Every girl needs a cocktail/church/wedding/formal party/black tie type of dress.


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?ms.ariel? Said on

i like their dressess

Shanikqua the candy maker Said on

Beyonce’s always looking nice you know how she do. She stay fly and the reason why I think that she stays fly because she has a mind of a male and a female like she know’s what’s best for her and so does her mother like they are right. Her bracelet’s rocking it’s nice. you know Ciara wasn’t hatting on her even thogh beyonce’s song is similar to hers but what you expect if you write about if you were a boy it would be alittle the same but different. but yeah beyonce your killing it and you and ciara should do a song maybe about meeting a man who’s your dream guy but he doesn’t want you because of some reason but he likes everything about you and he thinks your perfect in every way.

With love,
Shanikqua see you ‘B’

Tyana Said on

I like the class they have. Its not phoney or anything money cant buy the type of class they have! Go Girls!!

Maria Said on

I understand “Sasha Fierce” is trying to look normal as a plain jane, but there is no need for her to look as if she just got out of the bed all of the time. Then with this new look she doesn’t look happy, so it makes me think that someone is making her put this look together. Now, if she is doing it on her own, that’s all find & good. But make it work for you to the point where it looks up-to-date and natural.

Mika Said on

I hope that one day I will be just as successful with my clothing line. Mama Knowles and Beyonce, yall have done a fabulous job with House of Dereon! I hope it’s around for many many years!

david Said on

Seems I have seen this woman on some tall dating place yet,The ideal place to pick up women as far as i know __Tallmingle.C O M__ cute, hot , talented… whatever u can come up with…LOL

tara Said on

they look ok 2 me….lol

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