Are Sexy Sisters Sensual or Sickening?

September 2nd, 2011

(Photo: Sears/Annie Leibovitz)

The moment we got to finally take a breather from Kim Kardashian wedding rehearsal/wedding day/makeout sessions on the Italian honeymoon madness, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Momager Chris gave us another reason to talk about her daughters: the release of new promotional photos for their Sears Kardashian line. Like the Kardashians themselves, the pics are a mix of high-brow (shot by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz) and low-brow (Annie’s shots usually are more Prada and Vogue than Sears). But the clincher are the images—Kourtney, Khloe and Kim dolled up in lace and lingerie and holding on tight to each other’s nearly nude bodies.

Anyone with a sister has probably never wanted to cuddle this close with her while wearing underwear…and especially in front of a camera. But pop culture has long been obsessed with women who share a gene pool looking like they’re moments away from a sex romp with each other. Recently it’s not just the Kardashians, as most of this year’s Jersey Shore episodes have revolved around whether Mike would hook up with sisters, a move that the house dubbed “twinning!”.

I’d like to end on a well-worded diatribe on how hinted-at incest is never sexy and never a good way to peddle clothes at Sears, but actually, maybe I’m wrong. The hot sister and twinning phenomenon has been around since Hugh Hefner first started Playboy. So, please, can someone explain it to me in the comments below: what is so hot about sexy sisters?

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Julia and Jake Said on

We think they look great. In regards to the sensual or sickening… Of course its sensual and loving, kind, very family oriented, and very talented at the things they take on.

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Lou Donovan Said on

I didn’t know the Kardashian’s were BLACK.!Why does BLACK AMERICAN referM to themselves as AFRICAN AMERICAN

Lou Donovan Said on

I didn’t know the Kardashian were BLACK, Why does BLACK AMERICAN refer to themselves as AFRICAN AMERICAN. When you are always sucking on whities (do not sensor)