Center of Attention

August 18th, 2008

Yes, our two favorite pair of sisters (sorry Venus and Serena).

Popular TV show. Check. Executive editor of teen mag. Check. Certified model. Check. Achieving elite status as fashion designers. Check.

The Simmons sisters are a triple threat in the truest sense of the term and are gradually trying to climb the limelight on their own.

Angela, Vanessa Simmons

Gorgeous in purple. Check.

From lilac and lavender to violet and plum … There’s something about this color that just sends fashion messages of seductiveness and style.
As the seasons change from warm to cool, there’s a ton of exciting new fall fashion trends and colors to set the mood.

Purple is one, and it’s making a splash everywhere from runways to city streets.

Love these chicks.

Angela, Vanessa Simmons

Love purple.

It’s more adult than pink.


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Stephanie Said on

the purple um…………………. yes but where are the accesories and common the same colour twice, no………………….. be creative

fayva Said on

i love them both….beauiful independant woman………. the colour looks great on her she can wear it a million times……lol…..

Marquaysa Said on

Yeah, these sisters mos.def. have their game on lock. They are definitly doing it up. I’m glad for them. I also like their fashion sense in some ways. I agree w/ the other girl though. Accessories would have set their ensembles off!! Even if the accessorizing was just simple.


I love Angela and Vanessa. I think that they have great style,but I wish that they would do a little something different with their hair.Maybe a cut that frames their face, curls, hair color. In those pictures they’re making it too obvious that they’re wearing a weave,but they look good.

Courtney Said on

In the top photo, Vanessa looks like a black Repunzel or something. lol! but she can still work it. I love their taste in dresses. The should really make use of some accessories, like at least a necklace and maybe some nice earrings. I know they have the money!! But kudos to them.

Pastry Kicks Said on

I love all the products by Vanessa and Angela!!!

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