Dania Ramirez Missed One

December 18th, 2008

Fashion police?

Let’s scroll down slowly on Dania Ramirez’s leather separates, shall we?

Dania Ramirez

See, maybe if she added … or, no. Maybe if she took away … then … yea, no.

Hmm. I can’t make sense of it. Sigh.

Of all the beautiful dresses I’ve seen her wear on multiple red carpets, she goes and picks this awful getup. Ugh.

It sort of looks like Dania was trying to do a diva version of Lara Croft or something? Or Catwoman?

Wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee. Wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee. Wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee.

Call a cop car.


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trlbjb Said on


Mikelle Said on

Besides the fact the her skin looks orange the outfits isn’t that bad.

Joi Said on

I agree with Mrs. Jones, the black doesn’t match is what’s throwing the outfit off but other than that it’s cute.

ebaby Said on

for some reason, i like it! its fierce and bold!

Shamyra Said on

It matches to me. Black top, black pumps, grey pant’s (Or whatever color that is.) Nice hair and make up. Sassy pose…..Rock it!

Bria Said on

SHe Had It Til The Pans!! WOAH!

keenah carson Said on

Actually, I like the whole outfit, if you notice she has the colorful beading in the strapless top that enhances the color of her pants.

cheri Said on

i think the outfit looks okay. What exactly is the problem with her leather outfit? Her look could be disliked today, but next season could be a trend setter. Then i bet everyone who commented negatively about her outfit, will look online to find where she got the outfit from

McDee Said on

Eh.. what exactly is wrong with her outfit?? I mean i have seen worst, so what’s the fuss? Could we not have looked at someone else’s outfit??

Felicia Said on

It do not even match those are 2 different blacks. I dont like it she need some accessories.

Jhae UK-LONDON Said on

I think its okay/nice as well. its not amazing i’m not in Love with it but hey. oh and maybe her shoes could have been more interesting. but she does look nice, it suits. I like the trousers.

ericka edwards Said on

It looks nice next season everybody will proably have it on.

dykari Said on

i do not like it she looks like a hoochie momma

Larry Said on

I honestly can’t decide whether I like it or not. It’s leather and super f’ing tight, but still, something about it is (as Sasha would say), fierce.

I understand what she was going for, but it is off.

kim yall Said on


lexus Said on

i dnt know wat 2 say…..i mean i like te top but the color ..the color is just like ….HUH ? yeah and even i think that she needs some assesoies too. a diamond necklace or earrings.or what about a bracelet.?? those things she has on her risks look like yarn…HELLO ??!!! im sorry.when u try to go with the leather pants n heels U DO NOT WEAR YARNN !! come on. but even thought i have 2 say its straight not something i wouldnt see in a magazine but something i woludnt be suprised to see in the mall….


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