Darn it, Rihanna

February 5th, 2009

Oh, she totally looks adorable.

How does she always look so darn cute? Somebody tell me! The girl can even make pearls look fresh!


It’s such a great look. It feels trendy and original at the same time. My only concern is a gust of wind.

I think the button down shirt and pearls would look hot with a pencil skirt, too, but probably not as comfy.


Are you loving Ri’s look or do you like her friend’s outfit better. The beret, shirt combo is also a winner.

P.S. Her legs make me wanna exercise for 3 days straight. Get it, girl.

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latisha Said on

rihanna always looks good she has good style and taste in clothing and to be honest i don’t think that i could pull that off in my city with the buttondown and the skirt it looked good on her due you boo .

taunya Said on

There is nothing about this outfit that says cute. Come on now.

brooke Said on

i think she looks like her self……….. an that should be the way it is……….

bujubaby Said on

love her unique style….

beautifultoffee Said on

i’m not really feeling the shirt, the style, but the color is cute, i love the skirt, but the gust of wind thing would be a concern for me, i think she always looks fresh because she puts her own spin on anything she wears and her skin is beautiful

D'jayda Said on

She looks trendy,as always

alishia Said on

I dont know what it is but both of the girls look a mess what is wrong with you people stop blowing these celebs heads up please

sha t Said on

a true ambassador for the young girls of the carribbean. being what she is a young lady enjoying her youth.

Sade Said on

she can dress but shes too overrated and tia sounds retarded she doesnt make since beyonce is ten times better rihanna anyday!!

paula Said on

it hott i like her friends styl to though !
real new!!

kerry-ann Said on

they both look really nice but her friend rocked that jeans

kaka Said on


306478122 Said on


noluvo Said on

i love both the gals outfits but ri looks cold and the boots gal are so not on but you still rocked

Shanae Said on

Rihanna looking like a barbie and the colors are cute….
i dont think anyone else could have wear this outfit and look cute in it. she just got her own style that fits her…..she looking like a real caribbean gurl….her friend outfit looks cute too except 4 tha boots…

keke Said on

i dont understand how much i love you.

nene Said on

luv rihanna she got it going on and her style is fierce.

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