Die Leggings, Die

January 7th, 2009

Poof. Disappear.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, leggings - those stretchy, skintight stand-ins for pants - refuse to die. Cotton, liquid, print, neon, stripped, rubber, denim …

We’ve seen it all.

meagan good

Leggings have become as important to a girl’s wardrobe as her favorite pair of jeans. It’s like leggings achieved some sort of cult status or something. 

And, sadly, due to their rising popularity, new variations on the slippery and sleek look will most likely be introduced in the year ahead. Sigh. I’m so not looking forward to that.

How ’bout you? Which trend do you wish would vanish in ‘09?


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beautifultoffee Said on

i agree with the other posters that leggings are here to stay and really do go with about just anything, when they first came out i didn’t think a bbw like myself could wear them but know now that i can, i particularly love the liquid ones, i’ve seen j-hud and jazzmine sulivan rockin them they’re the bizzness

david Said on

Are you kidding me? Leggings can be hot on the right woman pair them with some heels and you have a winning combo. In my opinoin leggings are way hotter than skinny jeans.

ChicB Said on

Meagen knows that she can’t be a repeat offender,yet she continously does it. She looks good in her leggings. Kadi can you tell me where she got them from?I love love love leggings and I don’t believe there going anywhere anytime soon. I agree with some of the other comments that they only look good on certain people and they should not be worn to every event. However, the trends that I would like to go away are the wide belt and high waist jeans. In all actuality they really don’t need to die they just need to fizzle. I’m tired of seeing chicks with 2 or 3 stomachs that have been divided by a belt. I’m also tired of seeing chicks with kangaroo pouches at the bottom of high waist pants. Eeew folks need to pick size appropriate clothing.

Tandy Said on

personally, I love how leggings look on people, unfortunately, they not for me and that sucks…Rock em Magan

Cassidy Said on

i just think everyones swaggar needs to step up on 09′, cause guyz need to pull up there pants and girls needs to dress like ladiiies.

Kenitha from Dallas Said on

THOSE ARE HOTTT!! LOOKS GREAT TO ME! I like leggings..they’re comfortable….

dee1979 Said on

She looks so STANK, I don’t care what anyone thinks she lloks nasty… Look at her skinny legs and long flat butt… Now if Delicious (from flavor of love ) or my girl Beyonce had them on they would be rockin it.. she looks sooooo stinky

q Said on

I like her leggings. I think they are cute. I want some, havent seen them b 4, but I will be lookin 4 them! Leggings r so good, u can wear them with any thing and any way. But yes I do also agree they r NOT 4 EVERY 1 ! They r here 2 stay so just get a pair and rock’em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sade Said on

her butt looks super loooonngg!!

Bull Said on

Those leggings look good to her to me. It really showed off her assets. I think they are here to stay.

joy Said on

her leggings r penggg( peng meng good nice. Im frm london) i realllly want them

Gabriel Said on

I will be attending an All White Event this Summer… most of you must have heard of it http://www.randbreloaded.com any tips on what i should wear ? It has to be upscale but casual with an edgy twist…. I hear celebs are gonna be there… pointers please



melia melia melia Said on

like she said u are haters

Maria Said on

i love leggings.. i would’t wear them to no special occasion..but anywhere else is cool. i wish i had hers and plenty more in my closet. i think it depends on how you dress it up, accessorize it, and it looks good with heels.

lollie Said on

her leggings are cute if you ask me, yea she may wear them a bit much but nonetheless if you got it strut it. There is an occasion for everything indeed….but she’s obviously confident in her body she just needs to create some variation with the pumps and all black (ie ciara)

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