Fashion Rocks, Fashion Rundown

September 7th, 2008

Fashion Week kicks off with Fashion Rocks!

The theme of the night was high fashion infused with a touch of rock and roll.


Always on top of her fashion game, Rihanna turned heads as she arrived on the Radio City Music Hall red carpet in a strapless Monique Lhuillier gown.


Of course Bey was looking as ‘Bootylicious’ as ever. She graced the stage wearing a dress by Zuhair Murad.

Chris Brown

Cutie Chris Brown represented for the fellas … 

But not everyone looked as fly …


Was Solange attacked by a jellyfish?

Lil Mama

And poor Lil’ Mama thought she was a magician …

See more pictures from the red carpet here.

Ciara’s my pick for Number One Stunna. Who you got?


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Jhae Said on

Ok… Beyonce looks niiice but I really don’t think the short hair suits her.. or mayb were just too used to see alll long thick weave. OMDZ ( Oh My Days) To Solange and Lil Mama… thats beyond interesting…..

Rihanna !! Its so hard for her to actually go wrong with an outfit isnt it? she looks gr8

Marquaysa Said on

Lol about Lil’Mama. That girl is just stuck in her own zone and no matter how many times she’s featured on the Worst Dressed List. lol. That girl just gonna do her. lol. But Beyonce?? I’m not feeling that short doo. Maybe b/c it looks a little old-fashioned. And Beyonce is my homegirl and everything [I love her 2 deaaaaath], but right is right and sometimes right is wrong and sometimes WRONG is just WRONG! lol. Her dress was cute though. And Rihanna?? Looked like a goddess if there ever was on. No lie. I’m sooo feelin her and her style these days. Solange? Sometimes she gets it and sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes she’s almost there [almost doesnt count] and sometimes she needs to get back on that yellow brick road and take her tail right back to Munchkinland [meaning, she doesn't even need 2 keep trying]. lol. But, I love this blog Kadi. You do it alot, but you should do it more b/c I love it so much.

Dayday Said on

Okay B Is Off The Chain But One Thinq Mami Your Hair LOL But I Like Yo Dress Chris Like The Shirt Just A Cheesinq I Love You B-Day Lol And B Sister Is Rockinq It Now Love Everythinq Lil Mama Look A Mess Like The Dress But Look At Your Face I Love You Lil Mama

Maurice Said on

Everyone looks great. Each celeb has there own unique style.

Jimmy Said on

On the real, if she’s alone then….

april Said on

rihanna look goregous

dutchess196 Said on

what on earth told Lil Mama that was red carpet style, honey plus realize you are petite and there are fashions for the petie!!!! okay that fwas harsh, so loose the hat and the ankle shoes, no I can’t they just made her look like a fool. Chris look its either the leather pants to go with coat/shirt or either the proper jacket and lets practice on that smile cuz that was straight not cute, and once again go with your instincts on dressing do not allow someone else to dress you, people do you try these things on before comming out on the red carpet???!!!! as always Riahnna powerhouse knockout and maybe a small diamond pendent around the neck that is alot of space from neck to shoulders. Beyounce just drop that wig and its not written any where that if you wear golden colored dress that the hair must match, should have stayed with you natural color. Need I say more, love all there music, but sometimes you have to tell the makeup artist no!!!

brittany Said on

hey chris you are my # one fan becuz everytme i see yo sexy self on tv u brighten up my day so thats y im leavin this love u

Tandy Said on



Dana Said on

Rihanna is the best, Solange sit down. Tyra Banks I have a little sister that can take you on the runway anytime.

unknown Said on

Beyonce and her sister both look atrocious. As usual,Beyonce is wearing yet another gawdy gold ensemble. She is too big to wear that type of dress. Solange is trying to do too much. Lawd help them!

Raven C Said on

Everyone else looks great, but lil mama, she need to take off that costum halloween was not then, and it aint now!!!

MI$$ KI$$ Said on

WOW!!!!….lets see….Ri Ri, get it honey!!….Beyonce’s hair is SCARING me… CHRIS! baby what are u doin? u look like u gotta easter suit shirt on wit a GLADIATOR vest, no honey…SOLANGE, go sit yo ass DOWN, lookin like…like…TRASH!…and LIL MOMMA, yo lip gloss musta POPPED u in the eye when u put this on, u like 5 years old? the dress is a lil too sexy, but I would personaly rock it with out the circus top hat and ugly jacket

joren Said on

Lil mama you need to carry that back to the store you look like you needed help.

joren Said on

Rihanna girl you scare me for about 5 mintues i need to call the fashion ploice.

joren Said on

Beyonce you should have been #1 because you look goreous

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