Fly Girls Rock Fall’s Favorites

September 11th, 2008

Don’t fall flat.

I hope you’re writing this down.


A tailored, ladylike dress. The great thing about a tailored dress … You know it’s going to be in your closet for years to come. So, invest in a good one that looks really, really good on.

 Angela, Vanessa Simmons

An amazing statement boot or bootie. Whether the boot is ankle length, mid-calf, or over-the-knee … has studs, fringe, is scrunchy or slightly pointed, it’s this season’s must-have footwear.

Kelly Rowland


Plaid anything. Plaid shirt, plaid sport coat, plaid dress, or suit… From clothes to accessories, the checkered pattern commands attention.


Massive necklaces. Get something really big, bold and inventive. Colored stones and big architectural pieces are hot. It will just pep up anything you already have in your closet – even a classic white shirt.

Melody Thornton

Paula Patton

Store your hobo. Sniff. The “It” bag of the day is a fringed purse. And for night, a hard shelled clutch defines nighttime glamour.

Got it? Good. Now, go get it.


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flyychris Said on

i saw the pictures too.Vanessa and Angela Simmons are on the way to being fashion icons. i luv their line and tv show. i just won a bag from the themon


jazmine Said on

Give me a break. I was on that site and they look a hot mess with those halloween costume they had on. and those sneakers what’s up with that. Cassie looks great I love the dress.

V Said on

Hey Kadi, love your comments, OPINIONS and reviews in all of your blogs. Just wondering do you have a Myspace and/or Facebook pages?

jazmine Said on

I’m just keepin it real. Everyone always talkin about them and no one wants to tell them the truth

tatyana Said on

love all the outfits

jodie21 Said on

WOW lady lukn sexxc 2 nite lol btu whre is mai fellowz witt their fashon

jodie21 Said on


robinwilliams Said on

hi my name robin

aquama Said on

i luv rocsi’s dress…..cute
i could get with the big necklaces
Now when u say plaid, do ya mean “Big Hungry Jack” plaid……JJ….LOL, i like plaid

Marquaysa Said on

Cassie looks exceptionally cool up here. Her dress is super sexy!! That’s how you do it. The necklace is a pretty touch. Feeling it. I’m not really a fan of The Simmons girls when it comes to what they’re wearing on a reg. basis, but that plaid dress Vanessa has on is super-vintage and absolutely gorgeous. Her clutch is a beautiful touch. I’m not feeling the ankle booties. They aren’t cute 2 me on most ppl, although I’ve seen a few that were flattering. Hats? I’m not too into. But overall, this was a good informative fashion rundown. Lovin it Kadi. Keep doin your thing girly!!

dominique Said on

I love the pastry kicks that im truly a fan love the kicks keep the good work Vanessa ,Angela.

Jhae Said on

Rosci looks great!! The shoes confuse me though.

dutchess196 Said on

okay okay fashion looks great, but here is the problem: yes always invest in a black dress that can serve multiple seasons, if wear colorfull shoes need some accesories. the plaid dress was a total joke, atleast to me its was, it need to be short with less on the shoulder. when you decide to wear black make sure your nails are a nude color or either match the shoes, you should now that by now. who on earth did kellie’s makeup, cuz they need to know what photo friendly foundation is, if you don’t know read the bottle and the blush is terrible color on her, espeacially under high powered lights like that.

Tandy Said on



tolanda Said on

I still dont see ANY MAN picking that crab over LISA RAYE and the simmons girls look cute

Mylia-Izabel Said on

I think that all of them looked nice. Is that Paula Patton on the last picture? Mel is always rocking it.

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