Go Solo!

August 19th, 2008

If y’all hadn’t noticed already, I’m a fast growing Solange fan.

The girl has soul, personality, funk and individualism.

Solange Knowles

Drag queen. Weird. Trying too hard. Hot tranny mess. Call it what you like!

It took me a few, but I feel it now.

Her promo pics are fashion forward, soulful and dreamy. I love. So much so because they show through her album and personality … SOL-ANGEL.

Solange Knowles

The last pic is under ‘Fierce’ in the dictionary.

Solange Knowles

Yes, I will be getting the CD.

Now, where can I find those blue booties she has on? It’s all about the heels! They’re dope and I’d look good wearing ‘em.

Nevermind what it costs. Surely I could find a man with a fab shoe like that!

Love her new pics? Name your fave.

P.S. If you haven’t already, check her new vid - Sandcastle Disco - here.

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Erica Said on

I love her I think she’s beautiful talented and not so easly pushed over like her sister who is a nice girl but none the less a push over she has the strenght of a mother she can stand the weight of the world on her shoulders I love and thinks shes great!

Candace Said on

Solange is the best! i i think her music is great! now keep doin your thing gurl!!!!

Lucas Said on

Solange is very beautiful, and is doing very great with her singng caeer, I wish her the best of luck and hope to see her in person very soon.

lucuas Said on

I don’t think she’s trying to be like Beyonce. People are just being too judgemental and looking for a reason not to like her. Haters have been around as long as Jesus.a friend said that @ ____Tallmingle.c o m____,which is a dating site for all tall friends and tall singles,especially models and basketball players.

IVENA Said on

i always like solange even when she 1st came out..i seen something different and she got alot of songs that’s things i would create if i was an artist..so im a fan and love how different she is..it’s about time..but beyonce style is good to b/c it fits her 100% that’s why she is the best female performer that i seen!!!

ASHLEY Said on

i love your songs

brownie Said on

you aer the best

niecy boothus m.o.b. Said on

i love her and i think what shee doing (singling herself out) is differant and its great shes on of a kind and shes making sure u now that she not trying to be like her sista

jamecia lawson Said on

Ithink you are the best because you do not make your voice it is within you.i am like you i love to sing. i may not know how to sing but i love it

Ms. Lewis Said on

What many of you dont know is that Solange wrote a lot of her sisters material and the smart thing to realize would be to notice that she and Beyonce are sisters so it wouldnt take a genius to accept the fact that two children coming from the same parents will have loads of similar characteristics. There is nothing wrong with modeling yourself after a successful mentor, in fact, Janet Jackson did it when she did CONTROL. Had Michael not svaed Janet’s career, she would never be where she is. Her music career was on a RAPID decline in the early 80’s and just before Control. Thats what siblings are for. Solange is beautiful and very smart for her age. None of you know her personally, so how do you know who she is? Perhaps her stylist dresses her according to her personality… Did you for once think of that. How do you talk so badly about someone else as if you were created the most beautiful person in the world. I would love to see a picture of some of you…ROFL!!! I love you Solange, keep writing for Beyonce, Kelly, and doing your thing because had it not been for your talents, then perhaps some of the songs Beyonce sung and that we all love so dearly would not have been as big a hit as they were… BTW- I love Beyonce too… I am not in any way bashing her skills either, I am just giving credit where credit is due…

king don derky g Said on

she is hotttt, and im going to buy 20 copies for my whole family and friends. ps. can i get a shout out please. im from chicago but now living in east chicago indiana. oh yea rocsi get at me.

king don derky g Said on

did i mention rocsi get at me asap boo.”real talk”100%

king don derky g Said on

rocsi stop playing you know you want me get at me girl asap ”real talk” 100

mslynn Said on

she is so pretty i think she should model!!! and her voice is so soulful love u girl much success in all u do.

amie Said on

trying too hard to be like big sis? dont think so baby. find another career or please continue to act

nicole Said on

leave this girl alone. she is definetly not trying to be like beyonce. beyonce is old news now.

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