Gorgeous Women, Not So Gorge Clothes

October 7th, 2008

God, please let me look like I’m 20-something when I’m in my forties. Amen.

Halle Berry is gorgeous! And I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look anything less than fabulous, until now. I like both of Halle’s pieces, but they don’t belong together.

Halle Berry

If the cut of the skirt was high-waisted instead of a drop waist that makes you look like you have a tummy, I would be a fan. Looks like a pre-baby purchase…

Sidebar: I so need to get pregnant so I can have boobs like that.

Kerry Washington

This is the worst; most wannabe-looking-like Herve Leger dress I have ever seen. Who made this? The color is all wrong and it’s not even form-fitting. Horrible. 

Jennifer Lopez

I’m on the fence here with JLo’s fit. She has a great body, so why hide it under fluff. Maybe a belt? What I am sure about … Fire your hair stylist.

Moral of the story post – Don’t let not so gorgeous clothes distract fans from your pretty face. And of course that goes for your skin, makeup, hair and body.

Experiment and find out what beauty and fashion styles work best on you, take care of your skin, your hair, exercise and most importantly – always have a good attitude.

Gorgeous people aren’t just born gorgeous. Well, maybe Halle Berry.

Let me know what you think.


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shanny Said on

lol yh i think its just halle who’s born that way! but those things are hideous

Vandy Said on

yes, i agree, get knocked up!

Joseph Said on

They’re really sexy. seems that .They’re very hot on the famous free tall dating site:____tallloving.com______ .They must go there to find someone. i also saw their hot pics and videos on that web. unless you watch it, you won’t know how…they are.

Keith Said on

Marry me Kady, and we’ll work on that baby. LOL

chino Said on

Halle Berry can wear anything she wants, she had some tig ol’ bitties before the baby now they’re just mouth watering. All that I have to say is, “Got Milk?”

aquama Said on

I agree that they all should’ve put more thought into their outfits, but i’m must disappointed in JLo. She usually be on point at least with her hair and makeup. On that pic she just looks a mess, i hope she ain’t suffering from post pardon.

Marquaysa Battle Said on

lol. J-Lo looks the worst. Her hair is just noooot cute.

Deelady Said on

I like all the outfits. Sometimes weird is cute to me.

Deelady Said on

I have to say this… Ladies, please stop looking at these celebrities for your style or things you wish you had. Appreciate the body, mind, spirit, gifts, etc. that God has given you. Be yourself. Be an individual, not a clone. Hollywood is an illusion. I do me – regardless what Halle, J-Lo, or anybody does. Let’s celebrate that.

Lolo Said on

I’ve always loved the way Halle dresses. She dresses sexy yet sophisticated. I have yet to see her look bogus. You go girl!!!

taunya Said on

Now, this one is a little weird.

taunya Said on

come on j-u can do better than that

JoannaAnderson Said on

I love hallie berry she looks good no matter what she put on hell she can wear a paper bag and make it look good.

I love you halle berry work it gurl….

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