Halle Berry Is Just Like Us!

October 15th, 2008

I love that she shops at Target.

Hat aside – She’s so cute.

Halle Berry

It’s nice to see celeb’s cutting back on spending. Or is that even scarier??

Halle Berry

Man, I really hope she bought a new hat from Target. The one she’s wearing looks dumb on like 99% of people. Halle, too.

Don’t you just love pics of rich people doing normal things. Now, if we can just catch her pulling out a wedgie … Hot. And those legs – Want.


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Taunya Said on

i don’t thik that there is much this woman can wear that would make her look bad. i would love to have her figure.

meka Said on

I ‘m glad to see her shopping in normal stores like regular people. The way the economy is today if i ever become rich i would still be shopping in my regular stores like target ,walmart ,and wetseal and many more. To save money but also still look cute.

tnt Said on

I don’t think that is her.

Franchesca Jackson Said on

She is so beautiful! She can wear a clown hat and be pretty! Really.

solange Said on

She is so so beautiful she can wear anithing from any store she’ll still be beautiful she is my idol I’ll love to meet her one day in my life

Anna Duncan Said on

Hi, Halle Berry how are you today? Are joying your lifestyle today? My name is Anna Marie Duncan. I am 13 years old. My Brithday is Feburary 2, 1995.
When is your Brithday Halle?

S, line Said on

My friend told me that she saw her profile with hot photos on a Free tall dating site__tallloving.com___, Is that true? Maybe… OMG, is she looking for new relationships? I’ll check it out.

edward Said on

i love you

heather Said on

omg!! halle is gorgeous and i cant believe she doesnt have any baby weight…urgh…..im sooo jealous..ive got three kids and the stretch marks to prove it..

Flygirl Said on

Hey Halle can twirk anything and still look Fab! Maybe she’s cutting down cause the economy is so messed up she savin for a rainy day!! And I agree
with Heather I can’t even tell she has a baby, must be nice

cecelia Said on

Halle is so beautiful. she is my real model. she is my number one.no one can take her space.

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