I Am Beyonce. I Am Sasha. 11.18.08.

October 15th, 2008

I’m Over Rihanna. I’m Now Obsessed With The Knowles Sisters.

B, you’re almost 30 and married. Leave the ballet tutu skirt to RiRi.


She really is a beautiful woman (regardless of her clothes) and looks even better without all the makeup and big hair and couture gowns.

Love her to death, but not that outfit. Wuh Uh Oh Uh Uh Oh Uh Oh Oh Uh Uh Oh


But I hear the 90’s are back so … It will make a very cute ice skating date outfit.


As for Solange … Her fit is cute as hell and she’s effortlessly wearing it. I’m so happy it’s finally turning into fall.

When Solange isn’t dressed by someone who hates her, she fashionably on point.

Which look do you love?

I will take one of everything Solange owns. Except the kid. Thanks.


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Simone mowatt Said on

To comment pon dis. The comment pon who ever said “Bee needs to leave the minnie skirts to ReRe” you all have to sit back and tink, like when Rihanna gets Bee’s age what’s left for her? Beyonce’ is young she has a nice body let her do her. And Beyonce been doing this for ever if shes tryin’ to beat rihanna and take her swagg witch I think is false. She needs to stop because shes better then that. Rihanna is just gettin really noticed and Bee out of any body should know that and hiw that is and let rihanna get her shine on. But not pullin’ back form being the hit maker and sexy, oh so chic chick she is. I will always love Beyonce and Rihanna is gettin in my heart also. Love simone

kb Said on

u americans are idiots. why do u care about beyonce clothes, when there are a lot of things to think about in your life. i think these country is depend on few smart people, the rest is crazy. i think most celebrities are idiot and they don’t deserve all the money.except will smith, densiel washington and some other good ones. don’t waste ur time trying to think about there clothe instead go to school and try to change your life.

kcc Said on

There is nothing wrong with dressing young even if you are married. People should stop puting Rianna on a pedal stool. She is not all that either.

riri jr. Said on

i looooover rihanna and she is such a trend setter. how can u compare her to b..sure b is seasoned but riri is it….so stop fakin!

Ms. Kris Said on

I like that Beyonce has toned it down a bit and Solange is jazzing it up. I’m definitely feelin’ them they are evolving and stepping their game up…kudos knowles sister’s!!!!

tae tae Said on

Imma tell ya’ll rite now,…………………………………………………………………………………… YALL BETTA LEAVE THEM THE FREAK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wintize w. Said on

Yall need to quit hating.beyonce is gorgeous and the ones who are hating on her are probably ugly as hell. She has style. If she didn’t have any style all of ya’ll wouldn’t be on here talking about her in great lengths. You wanna be like Beyonce and ya mamas a Beyonce fan. Holla

kevonne Said on

beyonce rihanna and solange are all doin their thing right now!!!! all the haters can keep on hating kuz their not losing any sleep over what you say so it dont matter!!!!!!! all of them are GREAT!!! =] =P

Tee Said on

Solange tries too hard Its like shes saying the only way I can get any attention is if I dress like this. Hey I guess bad attention is better than no attention! I mean I use to see her before and she use to dress “normal”. She only started this weirdo fad since she put out this record. She says Ive always had this style—–yeah rirght, wher was this crazy fad when you made your first album? phoney-phoney!

briannia Said on

?u look so pretty in this picture?I luv Beyonce to death?

cutedeja Said on

jay z is ugle and your having a baby beyonce and i’m gon to be you when i gro up and sing beter

Bojiggybo Said on

Beyonce looks old around the eyes and tired. She needs to retire and become a Mom, because she already has the look, and let Rihanna and the younger set do their thing. You have had your day in the sun, B. Know when to call it quits!

mee-mee Said on

Hey Beyonce Im ur biggest fan and I really love ur song you make. And the movie that is about to come out about you figthing that white girl I cant wait to see it just remember me because I will be texting you some more later on and on ur bebo cause I know you got one.this is a girl not a bot im 13 years old and I want to see you very much but I cant because I stay all the way in Indinalo MS

RICKY Said on


nene Said on

i luv beyonce but rihanna is a fashion she couldpull off anything i dont think nobody have nothing on her fashion wise and solange have a pretty cool style

gilberte Said on

helle beyonce you should’nt even care about other people i know cebreties the wish to have your bodiesand beauties some celebreties are jealous i understand before when you and someoneyone was not even speaking you were thinking she wanted your man if it was me i would to the same things but i wouldn’t said i am not going to speak with her i will speak with her but i will show her we don’t play with me i will do something she wouldn’t forget all her life.i trust you beyonce becareful with your man because we have many girl out there who can still him. i love you you are my idol.

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