I Love My Girl B!

September 4th, 2008

Hey Stranger. Long time no see.

Beyonce looks great, casual, comfortable yet still very diva like.

Her eyes are saying, “Yup, I’m bad. And don’t you ever forget it!”


Love, love, love how those jeans work my girl’s curves. And YES, that is how you mix navy with black, ladies and gents.

She’s so much more attractive when she isn’t forcibly dressed by her mother.

Isn’t she?



Beyonce’s beautiful and all three ensembles are unquestionably bootylicious.

Want to look as voluptuous? Add a vest and stretch pencil skirt to your fall fashion shopping list. If you have no shape, these designs provide it for you. If you have shape, these designs refine it & accentuate it.

Too bad we can’t see the heels, but her weave is tight! Outfit, too.

Now, is it wrong that I want to frame the last pic and adoringly display it in my room? Hot, right?


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B'kor Said on

So what leave the girl alone. Happy 27 birthday girl

Stephanie Said on

Beyonce is not 27! If you check Wikipedia, it says that she was born in 1981. If you check her sister Solange’s Wikipedia page, it says that SHE was born in 1981. I guess they are twins…yeah right! According to Beyonce’s camp, they claim that she was 15 on the (remix) video of “No, No, No.” That chick was NOT 15 at all then, and she’s not 27 now. Celebrities lie all of the time about their age to help their fan base. Beyonce is in her mid-thirties, and she needs to quit lying about it. They are saying that Solange is 22, but she is really 27. SHE if the real Knowles sister that was born in 1981. When I hear about Beyonce being that “young”, I laugh.

jessica Said on

yes i love Beyonce

chantel Said on

i luv beyonce
shes one bad bishh no direspect she
nows how to hustle i give her madd respect
n to all yaw hatas out der hatin on her yo flakin
but dats aight cus u aint gone knoke her hustle ya digg
happy birthday beyonce n congrades on ur marriage
but umm wen u gone pop sum kids out dang u
take a break ishhhhhh naw but congrades n ur really r da baddest n da game n u aint even hard on ur i feel dat !!

justice white Said on

hey yall man i no this aint no comment but i just wanna say i wish i was famouse because we leaving hard in denver co if u wanna get back at me please hit me up at 720-468-9812 please any body famouse i can sing i not just saying that i really can but we in denver so u cant get notice thats what i got to say o yea i am 13

Monique Said on

Nope. Im not a fan either. I also thinks shes overexpposed. And thinks everyone cares about her business

larabee Said on

Beyonce is amazing. People can talk all they want because they are entitled. But no one can take anything away from her.

Francina Said on

I love my girl beyonce, she is really cute. I love her music, her style and the way she carries her self Beyonce yuh sell aff !!!!!!!

shy gurl Said on

Hey wat up ! Just wanted 2 wish u Happy B-DAY ! U R The womens dream. I am 24 and i want u 2 know im still here b/c of our voice. Do u ,u r being heard. Enjoy your day

monique Said on

style she look the same since she started wat kinda style is that is she that insecure wen she dosnt hav a blonde weave?! i think she rocked dark hair for like a week n went right back 2 blonde…smh….so sad

princessk Said on

Beyonce is doing her and being herself. she like what she like and ain’t hurtin nobody.oh and happy birthday

Jhae Said on

The pic is airbrushed to death lol. but arnt they all!! the belt is SIIIIIIICK, Love it!

Dayday Said on

She Is Rockinq Them Outfits Lol Love You

LadyofWisdom Said on

B looks flawless, especially in the first picture, she reminds me of TYRA BANKS , alittle, just gorgeous. The girl has mad talent, she’s a great singer and a good performer. She can dance her ass off, at least she’s not stiff like Ashanti, please, I would see her show anyday, WOMEN ,why is it so hard for some of you to give another women her props, when its dur and you know it, if youre happy and comfortable with yourself, you will understand and know what I’m talking about. GROW up some of you, I bet the same women who’s dissing B, if GOD gave you a chance to have her body and beauty, I know for a fact yall would take it, even if it was just for a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

latisha Said on

wat up your picz iz bangin lik3 r3ally ….but hit m3 back up

sexxy Said on

she is making her seem like a whore half of the times. she need to change some of her ways

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