It’s Twin Day for Kim and Kanye

July 5th, 2012

(Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Any middle school girl who had a bestie knows about the grand tradition of Twin Day: it’s when, after hours spent on the phone and more than one conversation where you harass your parents to buy you a new outfit and sulk off when they say “hell no,” you get to show up at school in the same get-up that their BFF is wearing. Because no one is a detail-hound like a tween girl, Twin Day doesn’t just stick to matching pants and shoes, but hairstyles, earrings, socks, everything visible is made to look as close to the same as their best friend’s. Though the prize is usually lackluster (from a school t-shirt to an announcement on the intercom system), any participant of Twin Day will tell you they’re not in it for the gifts, but the glory. And glory, not the Jay-Z song but the praise and attention of millions, seems to also be the motivation behind Kim and Kanye’s BET Awards outfits.

Kim, long known for having the biggest butt on the block, found herself seated next to Nicki Minaj and three down from Beyoncé. Compared to those two, her buns were a mere afterthought. So, forced to admit gluteal defeat, Kim had another plan: Twin Day to the rescue! She and boyfriend Kanye both wore simple, unadorned white outfits. One thing would have kept them from winning the prize for best twins: while Kanye was frequently shown yucking it up with a smile or a laugh, Kim looked tense, like a smile would have been too much to ask for the seemingly most uncomfortable star in the building. Still, though, cheers to keeping a school-age tradition alive! Let’s see if anyone else tries it at the MTV Awards.

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