Janet Takes it All Off

May 20th, 2010

E tu, Miss Jackson?

I think it’s safe to just go ahead and declare this the “Year of the Shears!” Janet  has officially arrived to the sassy shaven club that celebs like Amber Rose, Solange and Chrisette Michele have drawn so much attention to lately:

Janet Jackson

The pop icon has been in London promoting Why Did I Get Married Too and yesterday she was snapped leaving Ceccioni’s restaurant in Mayfair in this new slicked back hairstyle. We’ve seen almost every hairstyle on her over the years–and long curly locks as of late–but this is a first!

As much as Janet has been through in the last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if she chopped it off for a fresh start or maybe she was weaved up and simply needed a summertime breather.

No matter what the reason, she’s Janet dammit! If anyone can work this style it’s her.

Does the new look get your nod of approval?

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MissSuccess04 Said on

PURE BEAUTY!! Go Janet can’t NOBODY top you! MUAH LOVE ALWAYS!$!$

Shawana Said on

Janet looks good in any style she rocks. Janet…you go gurl…keep rocking it!!!

Nesley Filsaime Said on

Good Morning! Janet Jackson! “Janet Takes it All Off”

Princess Swain Said on

I can honestly say that she looks HORRID in these photos… She looks very aged and her scalp looks like it needed a break from those weave jobs so that it can grow back healthy! Def NOT a good look for Ms. Jackson in my opinion : (

mslisi Said on

That’s great, she’s getting off of that weave. Wow, let that scalp get some hair so that it may grow. Sew-In’s and stuff are good on occasions but not for 25 years straight!!. Those Jackson have good hair and it grows quickly. Her head and brain is saying “OOH LA LA.

Good Job janet, Cute too!!! Don’t let nobody say it aint,.

Dav-v-oochi Said on

I love the new hair look on janet. If i had the chance to movie,& popcorn with her i would jump crazy…Love ya jj call me,or email me back.

dchap.... Said on

I think its different i meant i thought she was to feminine to go for such a bad boy hair cut! I love it and i feel like all of the things she has been through with the passing of her brother, this might actually be a new start! Great look Ms. Jackson!!!!

Shannon Said on


To me, beauty doesn’t define who you are on the outside with the hair, the clothes or all the skin you may show to please these horny men.

To me, REAL beauty comes from within, the soul, the spirit, the character on the inside who knows how to brighten up the world with the brains and the personality.

People need to stop being confused. I don’t care about what her hair looks like, she’s still the bomb. She was always a sweet person, and that makes her beautiful.

People can be ugly with stanky attitudes and people who are just plain ignorant. My opinion.

Tuda baby Said on

Janet looks good any way she wears her hair…. If you got it, you got it. Work it Ms. Jackson.

shontel Said on

I think she is a beautiful person no matter what style she wears.

$up3rSt@r Said on

I am absolutely diggin the cut! Wear it short, wear it long, somewhere in between, it don’t matter! You have the Diva status to do it. Plus…it honestly just LOOKS GOOD. You go Miss. Jackson! Love what you’re doing!

@Shawntzlabomb Said on


Rhonnie Said on

She looks like her brother Jermaine.

Jacqueline Jackson Said on

I have to see another pic of her at a different angle. Can’t judge her I’ve gone lower than that before. DO YOU !!!!

Marge Temple Said on

Another attempt to defame a Black women becaue she stopped measuring herself by white standards. If all black women would do this, we could put those slant eyed merchants out of business. I wear a press. D@mn giving those people my money and trying to measure up to the White standard of beauty. When will our people wake up, embrace our beauty, stop tying to be defined by white beauty standards and stop making the Chinese rich?

virgolady Said on

Well…….we All know (or should) that Janet’s signature style has been veaves, pieces, extensions and the sort. Why not? We now change our hairstyles as often as our makeup if we want to. It is a choice of style and it is here to stay! Look at Rihanna, Solange, Gabrielle Union, Queen Latifah, etc. who all have given their natural hair a REST from the all american WEAVE. So what. If I know Janet….she has just started another trend that will pickup this summer. Stay tuned!!

Sarita Said on

I love the new Janet look!! I grew up with long hair most of my life, but once i reached the legal age of 20. I decided to rock short hair. Not just for a fashion statement, but it is so low maintanence. I love it on you Janet!! And you rock it so well!!!

Lisa Said on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Janet

tamiya brim Said on

girl do some thing to that hair by tamiya

marie Said on

I love the new look!