Jennifer Hudson’s Holiday Treat

November 17th, 2008

Such a cute Gap ad.

Argyle sweaters, cardigan dresses, stripe scarves, cozy hoodies, warm turtlenecks … Oh My! It makes me want to pack up my things, head to Boston and bundle up in wool and argyle.

Jennifer Hudson Gap ad

I’m so happy Jennifer gave the “OK” to continue with her holiday Gap ad she shot back in July with Michael Thompson. While some say the timing may seem inappropriate, I think it’s just great.

Everyone remember Jennifer in your prayers through this difficult holiday season. And if you happen to come across this ad, let it be a reminder to us all of our many blessings and how important family and friends are. Thanks, Jennifer.

While I’m not a frequent Gap shopper, I do love the classic, can’t go wrong pieces they do offer – like turtlenecks. Yea, I know.

The only time you’d catch me in a turtleneck back in high school was to hide the hickeys on my neck. It’s one of the iconic pieces of clothing ever. Popular amongst kiddies with hickeys, meaty body guards with muscles for days and arrogant food critics with thick, black frame glasses…

Jennifer Hudson

Yes, they tend to itch and you can’t take them off when you want to … That’s why scarves rule. Blah, blah, blah. But no more excuses.

This season … Give your scarf a rest and try a turtle. Just wakeup one day and go, you know what, I’m gonna wear a freakin’ turtleneck today, and I don’t care who thinks it’s uncool.

Just show ‘em this ad which includes the tagline “Shine Your Own Star.”

Pretty, right?

We miss you, Jen.


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doc Said on

thumbs up to gap to check with miss jennifer before releasing the ad, and jennifer for giving the go ahead. in these tough times. that had to be a difficult decision. but it can also be a reminder of how short and precious life and our loved ones lives are. much respect to all.

catina Said on

Jennifer Hudson look amazing, i’m such a fan, please remember her and her sister Julia in these difficult times.

De'Angelo B Said on

I work at Gap 4531 We are very happy that Jennifer gave us the ok to post her ad in our store Thanks Jennifer U are n our Prayer

Gap 4531

smiley Said on

Jennifer I truly extend my condolencess and blessings as I know god has his arms around you and the angels thats protecting you are also inspiring the encouraging beauty of you as a woman and the talents you pose to further your career and touch the lives of those through the many adventures that I’m learning you’re engaged in. God bless you all your family and friends.

mary Said on

God is with you all the times.

me me Said on

ilike this

michelle Said on

jennifer may god bless you and keep you in his care

michelle Said on

jennifer may god bless you and keep you in his care in your time if need

Adrienne Said on

Jennifer, put god first, and he will strength your heart, time will heal the pain and hurt, it will subside but it will never go away, just pray and keep god first, and remember the good times…………………… LOL

Gabriel Said on

She is beautiful, no matter what she wears. Every time i signed in ______tallloving.com______ and there were always many her fans talking about her. you know it is a site where singles can find their romantic tall relationship. They love her so much.

tannie Said on

I Love u Jennifer Hudson

kadijh Said on

i loved since the first time on american idol u should have won lol keeping u in our prayers

joy dixon Said on

u look nice and pretty i like the way u made the outfit girl. good job with that one.

Sydney Said on

I love it.!? it gives her to be happy after her family tragity..god bless her..i think it was a great time. but i also think she sould performe for obama.because it would be her last performane for a while and her mom and family would want her to and she should just stop everything and take a break for a year.

she now how to work that turtle neck…lol…she is sooo pretty..i think she should hold back the wedding to..but antways. she is muwah

Ducky45 Said on

Jennifer, your mother left you with a solid foundation and that is your relationship with GOD. We are all here just for a while and we know not the day nor the hour when we are going to be called home. Just by seeing you I know that your mom was walking with the Lord, she has installed in you a light and forever friendship with GOD as she is looking down and have entered into the pearly Gates. Your mother has set the path for you and you know what is required of you. Keep walking with GOD and you can’t go wrong.

May the Blessings of God forever keep you and your family.

Sharicka Said on

Sorry about your family. Stay sweet and beautiful success will continue.

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