Kanye Has Met His Match

March 9th, 2009

Ugh. Why can’t I go to Paris and just hang out and dress up with my man?

I love that she’s more of a diva than even Kanye.

Amber Rose, Kanye West

She completely puts Ye to shame. Amber Rose, you are fierce.

Nice pink sweater Kanye.

The girl looks like a million bucks and she’s fun to look at.

She’s one of those people who wears her hairstyle so well that it makes you start wondering, “I wonder if I could…?” The answer is probably not. But I will try looking that fierce in a fancier version of an elderly woman’s eyeglass chain.

I want that jacket and skirt combo, too. A pencil skirt and a waist-length, belted jacket will bring out the curves on any body.

Matter of fact, I’d take both of their outfits. One for dinner and drinks, and the other for running errands.

Amber Rose, Kanye West

Hold fast. Crotchless leggings? That is wayyyy TMI for me.

I love her style and all its extremes, but honey, those leggings are burning holes through my retinas. Loud and wrong!


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real Said on

Like her style she’s hot



T baby Said on

What is the nicest way to say she ugly????

la stylist Said on

Her leggings are not crotchless, just color-blocked, but I can see how you thought that. And does anyone else see Kanye’s man-boobs? I mean if you’re going to categorize yourself as a fashion icon, then you can start by looking good in what you wear and learning how to accentuate your assets and down-play your not-so-assets. If it were a female committing this fashion faux pas, there would be all kinds of ridicule and sh!t talking!

Tasha Said on

her in kanye are a really great couple mauh<<<<<<<

tasha Said on

amber you go gurl love yall

cheri Said on

for those of you out there who do get this couple, but they are using fashion as an expression of themselves. when i saw her for the first time i knew she had confidence, and was a strong female
i love her hair and her outfits and she looks hot!!!!!!! the girl is bad!!!!!!!
i hope he has found his match.
i wish him all the best and i like them together

Jesse Said on

Ew. First outfit yes second no. love them both thoe

americam642 Said on

crazy hair style wat is you thinkin kanye

Lexy61 Said on

Both of them are butt ugly! He is sooo overated!

auntie Said on

I like her look, but too much is just too much. Tone done some of the accessories and you will be good!

We Stayz Phresh Said on

I love kanye and Amber. Her style is waaayy to kool! i love that she cutu her hair and is so fierce. Everytime I see her I want to do something crazy. At first I was hesitant about getting my hair cut but after seeing her I went and did it!

Is this the end for Amber Rose? | Said on

[...] official: Kanye West only wants to be shopping buddies with Amber [...]

Nisha Said on

I think Amber looks a HOT MESS. I think the green jacket, pencil skirt and pointy shoes is soooooo original. I can walk down any street during the fall and see that outfit. I think people is just amazed that she has no hair compared to every other celebrity who either have a short cut or long hair. I think she gets alot of credit because she is on Kanye West arm.

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ian Said on

wat kinda shoes is kaye wearin