Kelly Rowland Is Pressed!

September 24th, 2008


OK, I confess. I am guilty of popping tags and wearing a new outfit the hour after I bought it. I don’t hold on to new swag for too long. 24 hours max!

But, it’s another thing to buy a few hot items and rock them all the same day, at the same time.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly’s got that issue. She’s fashion pressed.

This getup looks like she is in a rush to put on all the hot new trends she just bought before it goes out of style! She strikes me as just too excited to wear everything.

It’s just all over the place confusion.

Kelly Rowland

Agreed. Lovely girl. Lovely purchases. But all together … a mess.

Right or wrong?


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Rachel Said on

Seriously, Kadi get a life and STOP hating on Kelly. The girl looks good and she’s not hurting anyone but just the haters.

shanquavious Said on

I think thats good if u got it like that and plus she look gud if u ask me

Kieona Said on

She looks wonderful as always, she is very pretty, nice complexion, pretty smile. You look great Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

april Said on

I agree wit Ebeezie – Match it up a lil better I don’t care hw much $$$ anyones has any/everything don’t look good on anybody kno matter who u R. She’s a beautiful sister that has nothing 2 do with the ColorClashn’ outfit it’s a NO-NO fo me…lol

lanesia Said on

lol Welp, at least her boots and belt are matching.

lanesia Said on

Oh yeah, that hairline is a BEAST!

Marquaysa Said on

You’re right Kadi. All those different shades, patterns and textures don’t work for this look or for her period. Try again Kelly!! You’re still fabulous!!

Tigerlily Said on

Tigerlily here, I think looks fab she really her whole is great, she is a beautiful girl……… Muah killy

Tigerlily Said on

Oh kerene Nope, that’s not one of my designs, It would have great but its not… Thanks for noticing though babe…

ChiChi Said on

She looks wonderful…

I think saying she is pressed is presumptious. It’s not based on a collection of facts through personal or professional contact, but a skewed and bias perspective. You could say she’s overdressed… but not pressed… Saying she’s pressed makes an assumption about her internal view of self.

Plus she looks great… maybe a more neutral jacket instead of burgundie and she would have looked greater..

snoop Said on

I, love the way kelly look i been a fan of her for the entire time that she been around i think shes very down to earth cool woulderful personality even with all her sucess she still down to earth i wish a guy like me had a chance to just meet her to be in her i dont know how Roy Williams lost such a beautiful person like her IF I HAD ONE WISH BEFORE I DIE I WOULD WISH THAT I COULD MEET HER OUT OF ALL THE CELEBRITIES

christiana Said on


monnique J Said on

I’m sorry……..I like kelly too, but she kinda lost me here”…um where does the the jacket, boots, shirt…ect….she must be going through something, that is by far the worst outfit i have ever seen on a celebrity…I guess she saying “forget what everyone thinks about me”…but come on folks her hair and her period….”A Mess!!

marie Said on

the outfit what a joke she look crazy plz help her

nyerere jase Said on

Kelly is my girl and I love her to death, but this picture ain’t the business. Check out my book Gangsta Jake The End Result of a Snitch if you want to read a good drama novel.

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