Mariah, Nick Cannon: Those Two Crazy Kids

October 8th, 2008

I’m still so confused by this.

She and Nick look happy though.

Mariah, Nick Cannon

Why can’t I get over the fact that she’s married to Nick Cannon of Drumline and Roll Bounce? Come onnnnnnn, MiMi … Nick?

Individually, both gorgeous. Together, odd.

Nick Cannon, Mariah

It’s just something about Mariah that irks me. I think she’s hot and all, but she comes of like ……….. Like the girl in the club everyone knows because you can always count on her to show up at the spot in a kind of slutty-cheesy outfit, snapping pictures with almost everyone just to post them on Facebook before work the next morning.

Or maybe she’s just a chick who’s super proud of her body and loves to show it off in cheap-looking fashion. Ugh. The woman has loot, LOOT! So why does it look like she bought her clothes from Hot Topic?



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angelina Said on

mariah looks great at her age and she deserves to look good, you go as for this marriage of hers it is so full of crap mariah should be with someone but not little nicky to me he is nothing but a golddigger and u watch he will get sick and tired of being married to her cause he does not get the attention it all will go to her. and nick that tattoo on your back how stupid at least mariah’s is small she could cross or cover it but nicks it will look so bad covered up. nick u sh*t. nice ring as well looks like your ex’s loser.

Richard Said on

You people who are bad talking Mariah needs to shut up, because i find she looks very good just how she dresses. And she an Nick just find together.

bil Said on


zoe Said on

Yall just haters!
She in love with nick!
And as far as how she dresses she human.
People will dress how they want regardless.
She looks good for a 30 year old woman going
on 40. So yall dont talk down on her because
she has done nothing to any of you!
Shes living her life so yall might as well
do the same and mind ur own buisness.

christian Said on

they look disgusting lmao, im a huge huge huge mc fan but this is no no no

Tamia Said on

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mariah Carey!!! I think she is fun, festive, and amazing, and I want her to come and adopt me. LOL!!! My life long dream is to meet her someday. Mariah looks fantastic, and her body is on FIRE, and Nick is sooo good-looking, and he is super FINE!!! I feel as though she is her own woman, making her own decisions, and if she chooses to war sexy, skimpy, FESTIVE clothing, then that is her right has a person, as a woman. She’s in total control of her own life. I also want to say congratulations to Nick and Mariah, they make a BEAUTIFUL COUPLE, and I know that their future KIDS, will be even more beautiful. I hope, and pray, that they stay together 4 ever, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey-Cannon 4 ever!!! God Bless them!! Age ain’t nothing but a number, in the words of Aaliyah. Haters keep hating, you’re only making their relationship stronger.

christian Said on

they are in love leave them alone!!!

chris Said on

love them!!

Domoz wifey Said on

All you’ll haterz need to back off. Mariah you and nick are so cute together and you all deserve each other. I love you MARIAH you look fabulous in whatever you wear

akua pinamang Said on

mariah pls take care of nick pls do not break his heart he is a very special person i hope u realise dat

akua pinamang Said on

i really hope it is true love

Jo Said on

WOW. All I can say is I hope they make it. No prenup is a b****.

nene Said on

mariah and nick cannon is a good couple quit hating onher and get your own man

dede Said on

quit hating on mariah and nick cannon he got some bodyhe dont wont any one but mariah

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aisha Said on

they look so pretty to togetther

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