Mary J. Blige to Launch New Sunglasses Line

May 19th, 2010

Mary J. Blige Yes Mary! Get paid to rock shades!

R&B diva Mary J. Blige has joined forces with Interscope Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine and Orange 21 Inc. to develop her own sunglass line: Melodies by MJB.  The line is slated to launch in Fall 2010 and will feature 4 styles of shades (including the ones MJB models above) with 20 color options. A second, more extensive, collection will launch in Spring 2011.

“To reach out beyond music, an artist has to become involved with something they’re already associated with and truly feel passionate about and not just stick their name on someone else’s product,” Ivone said in a press release. ”As her fans know, Mary loves fashion and she especially loves sunglasses, making Melodies by MJB a natural fit for her.”

Mary’s been wearing shades on her album covers, on the streets, inside, at night, all the time since the ’90s (her sunnys in the “Not Gon’ Cry”video made me vow as a youngster if I ever did need to shed a tear over a man, I better have some over-sized shades on deck!). I can’t think of a better way for her to test out the designing waters.

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Will you be wearing?

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pia st.lawrence Said on

Yes I would wear mary j blige glasses I think this so cool I wnt a do I order my pair

Andrew Shawe Said on

I’m sure it will be a great sun glass line as long as you over see the product line’s designs and products.

Nesley Filsaime Said on

Good Morning! Mary J. Blige! “Mary J. Blige to Launch New Sunglasses Line”

Ladylove Said on

I am so proud of Mary, I also like the fact that her perfume will be hitting the streets by August and a reasonable $price$. But where do i put my order in
Thanks Mary

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