MTV VMAs, Fashion Rundown

September 8th, 2008

Legs, super sexy and new hair.

Keri Hilson

Look who treated herself to Gucci’s Fall booties? Lucky gal. Keri Hilson rocks her studded attention-getters with a cleavage-baring, figure-hugging mini dress.

Too much or just right? I love her shoes. Period. That is all.


Ciara showed up turning heads in a sexy, eye-catching fit. She sparkled in a silver mini Dolce dress with wide black belt.

Do you think she shines or falls flat? Love the look. Flatten the hair.


Solange brightened things up in a fuchsia ruffled frock. A large Fendi clutch and green strappy platforms add the right amount of edginess to top off her look.

Finally on point or still missed the mark? With such a frilly dress, a sleek hair style would have worked better. Dress is cute. Bag and heels are cuter. 


The “Disturbia” songstress arrived ready to get the paparazzi attention in a bustier top, funky asymmetrical skirt and white t-strap pumps.

Cool as ice or not so hot? Hot from hair to toe. Hot.

Check the complete fashion rundown here.

You dont’ want to miss T.I. and Tiny’s red carpet duds, Lupe’s geek gear and Mel B’s extra spicey dress.


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luv_life Said on

I love Keri’s look. She looks fabolous. Rihanna show stops as usual. Rihanna’s edgy look comes effortless while Solanges seem like she tries to hard..but it still works. The only issue I have is Ciara. She looked better when she was dressing like a boy. Now she looks confused, not even standing up straight.

luvagirl Said on

Ciara looks real good with her sexyshoes. Keri’s hair looks amazing.Solange looks cute.Last but not least Rihanna looks alright

MI$$ KI$$ Said on

i would…..TAKE kerri’s shoes for MYSELF!!….SNATCH the wig off CIARA….GIVE solange’s shoes to Ri Ri….and give Ri Ri ugly shoes to solange so she can take dumb ass HOME!!!

LL Cool Craig Jamaicas People Said on

Hey Ther is too meny singel women on this page some of you girls need to give the real men like me a chance no I wont Black and Blue you like Rihaan
Im a gentelmen strait Thughin you now kerri hilson I can help you with your
music I can wright poety yea i do a little dj in on the side and Realasteat
Futer Hotell owner Priesedent Thats me so ladey you might see me Tomarrow give us a chance Keri hilson you know Dinner oand a move frieday Night ha ha See ya around

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Martin Luther King says a Man Is judg greater when he is Under Presher to sucseed and when he is stress and Love your enemys like if they had love for you . Solange I love you My favoret girl on this page is Keri Hilson
Sand casell Disco was a good album Solange it sold out the first day i need that album that Cd I dicided is a great song i give it 4 Stars
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LL Cool Craig Jamaicas People Said on

one love stay Fresh.

LL Cool Craig Said on

Hey How are you Feelin Miss Keri ? This is Craig, I went to FYE Music store in Manchester Ct, and you new Album In a Perfect World was Sold out. This Album is Big I need to listen to it, Were can I Buy your New Cd Keri.
I love your Music keep doing the right thing as a Singer.

LL Cool Craig Said on

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LL Cool Craig Said on

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LL Cool Craig Jamaicas People Said on

beyonce need to have kids she and Jay-Z , hey dont worry keri me and you are still young we have time to grow.
Im chillin and relacin Breath eazy streas an’t Good
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LL Cool Craig Said on

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L i L CooL Craig Said on

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