Outfits That Shout, “Look At Me!”

September 26th, 2008

Mouth open like, “Whoa!”

Forget the sweet heels and baby-doll dresses of seasons past. This fall we’re moving away from girly styles and embracing our shapely silhouettes. So let’s work our curves, get noticed and make the cutie by the bar do a double take.


Tall, Over the Knee Boots. They’re very sexy and badgirl-esque, and also the perfect segue into a new season while you’re still wearing little summer dresses.

Personally, not a fan of Ri’s boots, but overall look is hot.

Sculpted Little Black or White Dress. Celebrate your womanly figure and elongate your frame in this season’s new body-conscious little black (or white) dresses.

Jennifer Lopez 

Paula Patton

Try a fitted shift dress or opt for a mini, but keep the monochrome look going with tights and platforms.

Angela Simmons

Pencil Skirt. If you’ve ever secretly thought there was something stylish (and even a little sexy) about a librarian’s wardrobe, then you’re feeling me. Pencil skirts flatter the hips and boo-tay. Pair with another “look at me” item – the bustier top – and whoa!

This fall I’m turning heads, ladies.

Are you?


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Chanel Said on

what type of figure is the pencil skirt made for???????…Im kinda scared to rock it bc of my thickness…lol

Milk Lady Said on

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deboah Said on

Are cuffed dress pants in for the fall/winter season

aquama Said on

Those boots are a ‘must have’

aquama Said on

Rev Run daughter look kinda crazy, like she not comfortable or something. LOL

bebe123 Said on

simmons is wearing that “freak’em dress” gurl! Go girl, I remember that’s how I used to do back in the day.

Dominique=Maxwell Fan Said on

Amerie wore some boots similar or maybe the same…and the post on here said her boots were basically horrible.hmmmm
BUT wonderful on rihanna.hmmmmmmm

Tigerlily Said on

She looks Fab she is always very Stylish I’d have to say.
I would look to design or style her she is beautiful, I do hope from watching Glam God on Vh1 she might like my work, who knows…….lol

Tigerlily Said on

They all look great just beautiful only thing missing is proper smile.

jhae Said on

simmons dress is nice but she doesnt look comfortable in it, in that particular photo. remember its about how you carry yourself aswell!!

Azalia Said on

why does Angela stay looking bored and oily in every picture that is taken of her?

aquama Said on

Thank you jhae, thats what i said.

marie Said on

great lookl ladies

sheekfashionista Said on

Rhianna, the idea was nice but the look was horrible. Over the knee boots would have been perfect for that cute lil’ outfit, but boo-boo not those boots u wore. Try some suede over the knee pointed toe heels it would have complimented the outfit so much better

sheekfashionista Said on

Angela 1 word flawless but u 4got 1 thing… 2 smile you’re gorgeous and your smile is your best accessory never leave home without it.

LL Cool Craig Said on

Hey Rhianna Halor at a boy when you see him in the street whoo ha is Cool craig here Im hot like that cuse I got what it takes to Rock the mike yahhaa Me and you Need to go out Dinner and a movie or mabe we go out shoping I can make you a seleberty over night Hallor at You boy and thats LL cool craig with 2 L s alright peace out God Bless u Im out one love.

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