Phaedra Parks Spreads the Donkey Booty Love

December 6th, 2012

(Photo: Courtesy of Nida Fitness)

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks LOVES a big butt and a smile. Sir Mix-a-Lot, Nicki Minaj and all the casting agents of hip hop videos have nothing over the reality show attorney/mortician. Deciding to put her money where her big badunkadunk is, she and husband Apollo have debuted an exercise routine to give every lady some kapow in her derriere.

The name: Phine Body. The mission: an ass that will melt hearts. Lest you worry that your behind is in the hands of amateurs, take solace knowing that Apollo is a certified fitness trainer, an expert who will give you lift and definition on workouts called “Donkey Booty Volume 1″ and “Lower Body & Core Training.”

Any viewer of RHOA knows what a Donkey Booty is. It is Phaedra’s term for a large, toned, beautiful rump…one that, coincidentally, looks like her more-than-ample bottom. And to get one is within everyone’s reach, from the naturally endowed to the flatter-bootied ladies. It takes muscle toning and dedication, but apparently it doesn’t take a lot of sweat. Explaining the philosophy behind Phine Body, she told StyleBlazer, “Our DVD … while it is a very tough DVD, it’s anaerobic vs. aerobic, some parts of it. So with some of those toning exercises, you’re not doing hard sweat. You’re definitely going to feel it because you’re working your muscles, and you’re using core resistance, and that’s going to give you great results.”

Bless her heart, Phaedea doesn’t just want your ass to look it’s best — she also wants your hair to stay top-notch and and not in danger of being sweat out. It’s a win-win from top to (donkey) bottom, and should be the stocking stuffer for all the women on your holiday gift list.

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