Prince Gets a Brand New Hairdo

September 19th, 2012

(Photo: Courtesy of ABC)

In case you hadn’t noticed, hell apparently froze over this week. The deep freeze took place just as Prince stepped on stage for an interview on The View. The artist formerly known as Behold My Hair in a Press and Curl was wearing a wee Afro, a mini blowout, a peek at what lies beneath the creamy crack.

Though Prince was on daytime TV to discuss his three-night “Welcome to Chicago” tour that benefits an economic organization, anyone who has watched him go through a Helen Willis-ish blowout (topless and atop a horse, no less, on an early album cover), Jheri Curl, finger waves, and various pixie  cuts knows that this was the dawn of a new royal day. Prince without a perm? Pshaw! But there he sat, in sunglasses and flowy pants and a leather jacket although it was 80 degrees.

And because his name is Prince and he is funky, the normally rambunctious ladies of The View were on their best behavior and no one made mention of the fact that his look had changed. Which is a good thing, because as any man who will appear on national television with assless pants will tell you, fashion doesn’t make the man. So don’t be surprised if tomorrow his weave is brushing the floor.

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